Personal Injury Issues with Commercial Truck Accidents

Why Are Accidents Involving Commercial Truck Accidents So Complex? Call Us Today to Evaluate Your Case

If you are involved in a "regular" car accident, you will likely file a personal injury lawsuit to gain compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. However, you may have a difficult time gaining the compensation that matches your damages. Yet if you are involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may actually stand a better chance of getting the money you need and deserve. Though commercial truck accident cases are very complex, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles victims trust from Gutierrez Law, will increase your chances of emerging with the settlement you deserve.

Why are these Accidents so Complex?

When truck accidents take place, a number of factors are involved that make these cases more complex. To begin with, truck drivers are required to follow many state and federal rules while behind the wheel, making it more likely they will have violated some of these rules in having their accident. Along with this, truck drivers are insured with policies that carry higher maximums than do drivers of passenger vehicles.

When truck drivers are involved in accidents, their insurance companies tend to fight harder to deny victims compensation, since they know it is likely the amounts being paid out will be substantial. It will take highly-qualified legal counsel to win such complex cases. Always turn to a lawyer who possesses a reputation for getting the best of insurance companies in these situations.

Additional Drivers

Along with the above-mentioned reasons as to why these cases are so complex, another factor involves other drivers who may have contributed to the accident. In many truck accidents involving big rigs, there are additional negligent drivers who factor into the accident. When this happens, multiple insurance companies might get involved, making the settlement process or trial even more complicated. Anyone who was responsible for your serious injuries should be held accountable for their carelessness and negligence. To make sure this is the case, turn to Gutierrez Law and speak to a commercial truck collision lawyer in Los Angeles.

State and Federal Regulations

When discussing the many state and federal regulations commercial truck drivers must observe, things can become confusing very quickly. These regulations involve factors including cargo weight, how many hours a driver can be behind the wheel before they are required to break, and truck maintenance schedule among others. Trucking companies rely on accident victims getting discouraged and thus deciding not to pursue their lawsuits.

Additionally, if an accident victim hires an attorney who is not experienced in handling these cases, key evidence can be overlooked that will ultimately result in the victim receiving little if any compensation. Rather than let a trucking company and insurance company deny you the compensation you need, consult with a truck crash attorney!

High Insurance Policy Limits

By law, truck drivers are required to carry insurance policies that have higher minimum limits than those carried by most drivers of passenger vehicles. Because of this, it is much more likely the victim of a commercial truck accident will not be forced to settle for an amount of compensation that is far less than what they need.

Injuries in these accidents are usually very severe and often life-threatening, medical bills often skyrocket. Along with this, victims are usually unable to work for weeks or months after the accident, adding to their financial burden. If you are now facing a mountain of medical bills and wondering when or if you will ever be able to return to your job, consult with a legal professional. In doing so, your lawyer will know how to fight insurance companies and make them pay out the compensation needed to pay for medical bills and other damages.

Multiple Defendants

In many of these cases, multiple defendants may be named in a lawsuit. It could be another driver who also played a part in contributing to your accident, a tire manufacturer who produced faulty tires for the truck involved in the accident, a repair shop that failed to replace faulty brakes, or others whose negligence and carelessness led to your accident. While this may lead to you ultimately obtaining a very large settlement, it can also make the case much more complex and increase the chances your case will go to trial rather than be settled out-of-court. When multiple defendants are named in a commercial truck accident, it sometimes becomes harder to figure out which of the defendants bears the most blame.

Settlement and Lawsuit?

If your commercial truck accident case does involve more than one defendant, it is possible for us to bring a case against them simultaneously. In these instances, you and your accident dispute lawyer can reach a settlement with one defendant, then choose to sue the remaining defendants for the balance of any leftover damages that were granted at trial.

After the crash, you have probably spent plenty of time lying in a hospital bed or sitting at home wondering what the future will hold. Rather than continue to see yourself and your family drift into financial ruin due to medical bills and lost wages that were caused by the negligence of others, choose instead to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you're ready to do so, pick up the phone and schedule a consultation today with Gutierrez Law, a firm victims trust to stand up against insurance companies.