Los Angeles Slip and Fall Settlements

Municipal authorities, facility managers, store owners, and property owners have a legal duty to ensure that their premises and surroundings are kept reasonably safe for visitors. If it can be established by a seasoned and fierce slip and fall accident lawyer that a property owner acted negligently concerning the safety conditions of his or her premises and knew or failed to realize the dangerous condition that caused a slip and fall accident, you may be compensated for your injuries, if you can hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer to fight your case.  Call The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC without delay at (323) 999-3500 if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident that has caused you unimaginable pain and suffering.

Slip and fall injuries are a widespread occurrence that have resulted in thousands of claims being made each year by the victims. Many slip and fall accident victims often suffer serious, life changing injuries that may ultimately result in debilitating injuries or even death. Accidents from poorly lighted stairwells, wet and slippery floors, broken sidewalks, damaged floors, uplifted carpets, as well as unsafe construction sites often have terrible results.  Knowing what to do in the event of a slip and fall accident can go a long way in any slip and fall claim or lawsuit.  Consulting with an experienced slip and fall lawyer to determine whether you are owed damages for the negligent action of a property owner or facility manager should be your next course of action if you are fortunate enough to have survived the fall.

What Will Our Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers Do For You?

At The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC our slip and fall injury lawyers can help you understand the law and know your rights regarding slip and fall injuries. There are several factors to consider when pursuing a slip and fall injury case in civil courts.  Our team of vibrant slip and fall injury attorneys will determine factors such as; prior complaints had been lodged by users or visitors to such premises about an existing danger, establishing the negligent action of a business or property owner, as well as determining negligence–if any, of the injured victim. These are just a few factors that an established slip and fall injury law firm will have to look into when analyzing and investigating your case.

How We Treat Slip And Fall Injury Cases At The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC:

There are many types of slip and fall accidents including stairway accidents, slippery surface falls, parking ramp falls, falls from a balcony or terrace, sidewalk falls, bathtub and shower falls, just to name a few. At The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC we treat every slip and fall accident case as a unique one. Depending on the circumstances behind the accident, we can assign a slip accident lawyer or a fall accident attorney to the case at hand. While many slip and fall accidents may result in nothing more than slight discomfort, more serious slip and fall accident injuries that result in carpel tunnel syndrome, fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and back injuries cannot be overlooked. Depending on the severity and nature of the slip and fall incident, victims may also suffer from sleep disorders, chronic pain symptoms, migraines, internal organ injuries and bleeding. For the elderly or disabled, who are particularly vulnerable, a slip and fall accident can result in serious health complications, even death.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC today at (323) 999-3500. With a slip and fall injury lawyer solidly behind you, we can help you establish a strong case of negligence against the property owner that will allow you to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.