Assault & Battery

Charges: A then-71-year-old Pico Rivera man had an exchange of words with the female bus driver for not stopping at his destination.The Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver assaulted and began beating the wheel-chair bound man.

Client sustained minor injuries.

Awarded: $283,000

– Property owner assaults and batters tenant.

Awarded: $100,000

Child Injury

Charges: A child’s mother was incarcerated and the child, along with her sister, were left in her aunt’s custody.

The city was warned that the aunt was abusive, but chose to ignore. The children were physically, emotionally, and mentally abused.

Awarded: $2,231.692

DUI Accident

Charges: A man driving under the influence struck our client as she was crossing the street.

Our client sustained minor injuries.

Awarded: $265,000

– DUI collision ($50,000 Policy Limit)

Awarded: $75,000

Defective Product – Product Liability

Charges: Our client was using a product that he had purchased for his home.

Upon using the product, the gentlemen sustained major third degree burns to his foot.

Awarded: $1,200,000

– Product malfunctions during surgical procedure.

Awarded: $350,000

Premise Liability

Charges: Our client was shopping for a car. During the experience, a dealership employee drove over the gentlemen’s foot with a car.

Our client sustained minor injuries of three broken toes.

Awarded: $90,000

Trucking Collision

Charges: A truck collided with our client who was also in another truck

Our client sustained minor injuries.

Awarded: $100,000

– Rear-end collision with commercial truck.

Awarded: $325,000

Auto Defect – Product Liability

Charges: Multiple car collision resulted in injuries to our client. Because of the vehicle’s poor design by the manufacturer, our client sustained injuries that should have otherwise been prevented.

Client sustained head injury.

Awarded: $110,000

Truck Accidents

– Truck versus Pedestrian crossing in crosswalk

Awarded : $2,000,000

–  Truck strikes motorcycle rider, causing injuries

Awarded : $750,000

– Truck strikes bicycle

Awarded : $375,000

Car Accidents

–  Car making left-hand turn struck by bus, minor injured in collision.

Awarded : $2,000,000

– Left-hand turn car crash resulting in hernia surgery  (Policy limit of $100,000)

Awarded : $485,000

– Car strikes bicycle rider (Policy Limit)

Awarded : $250,000

Premises Liability

– worker falls through acoustic ceiling at grocery store.

Awarded: $1,500,000

– Fence falls on minor child causing injury.

Awarded: $1,000,000

Wrongful Death

– Shooting at restaurant

Awarded: $300,000

– Rear-end collision/Federal Tort Claim/Wrongful Death

Awarded: $300,000

– Federal Civil Rights – Shooting death against law enforcement agency

Awarded: $200,000

T-Bone Collisions

– Blown Stop, T-bone case

Awarded: $115,000

– T-Bone collision (Policy limit)

Awarded: $100,000

– Yellow light/T-bone, hernia (Policy Limit)

Awarded: $100,000

Rear End Collisions

– Auto accident (Policy Limit)

Awarded: $300,000

– Low-speed, bumper to bumper, rear end collision (Policy Limit)

Awarded: $100,000

Bicycle Accidents

– Municipality (CITY case)/Bicycle – bicycle hits pothole on city street.

Awarded: $150,000