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Compensation for Child Injuries from a in Los Angeles Child Injury Attorney

Every parent’s most terrifying moment is witnessing his or her child sustain a devastating and life changing injury.  Sadly, many children are the victims of other people’s carelessness or negligence, which more often than not, results in severe physical harm or even death.  Children need to be kept safe and protected from the dangers that surround them at all times. If someone fails to protect your child or worse, negligently causes them to suffer pain and injury, then such persons must be held legally responsible for the injuries your child has suffered.

At Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC our child injury lawyers have over 40 years of combined litigation experience providing top-notch legal representation for minors and their families in child injury cases throughout the state of California. We understand how trying these situations can be for the injured child, as well as his or her parents. Our child injury attorneys can provide kindhearted and proficient legal guidance at each step of the child injury litigation process and forcefully advocate for your child’s rights. Call us today at (323) 999-3500 if you are a parent whose child has suffered harm or injury due the negligence of others.  The highly proficient child injury lawyers from The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC will help you seek redress.

When it comes to taking legal action against those that have caused pain and suffering to your child, helping you pursue and obtain monetary compensation for your child is of great importance to us. We know for a fact that children can sustain demoralizing injuries from a number of accidents, including dog bites, car accidents, boating accidents, truck wrecks, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice tragedies, and many more negligent or intentional acts. In any of these situations, the plaintiff or claimant must be able to prove that the defendant acted negligently and that the defendant’s negligent action caused harm to the victim—who in this case, is the injured child represented by a guardian.

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The last thing you need to worry about while caring for an injured child or coping with the loss of one is navigating the legal process alone. With The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, APC you can rely on our caring, compassionate and experienced child injury lawyers to help bring justice and closure to your family. We will spare no expense or resource at our disposal to expose the negligent or reckless nature of the defendant and bring them to justice. We offer absolutely free consultations, so there is no risk in discussing your child’s case with one of our competent child injury attorneys on pursuing your child injury claims. Contact us now at (323) 999-3500 or online today so we can get started immediately.