Who is Responsible If a Building Collapses?

September 24, 2021

This summer when the Champlain Towers South collapsed in Florida, Angelenos weighed in on if something like that could happen in California. This was one of the most devastating events to occur in recent years – and it’s changing the approach to building maintenance and repair. Hundreds of families lost their homes and belongings overnight. They deserve to hold negligent parties accountable for their loss, including the surviving family members of 98 victims.

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Emails Show Biden’s Dog Bit Secret Service Agents 8 Days in A Row

September 16, 2021

President Biden’s German shepherd Major actually attacked more people than the White House led on earlier this year. In March, it was reported that a Secret Service agent and National Park Service employee sustained puncture wounds. The President still referred to his companion as a well-behaved and sweet dog.

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Juul Is Set to Pay $40 Million For Deceitful Marketing

September 10, 2021

Over the past several years Juul has become a popular household name. Due to misleading marketing practices, teens have become addicted to nicotine across the U.S. Now Juul Labs is set to pay North Carolina $40 million to settle a set of lawsuits of enraged victims who claim the company poorly marketed their product.

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Lyft Driver Arrested for Falling Asleep and Killing His 70-Year-Old Passenger

September 2, 2021

When you get into a Lyft, you expect your driver to be alert and awake at the very least. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for resident Margie Quibol, the 70-year-old woman who died in the crash.

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Victims Suffer Injuries Riding Tesla on Autopilot Across the U.S.

August 18, 2021

Concerns with Tesla are resurfacing as more victims come forward about accidents involving autopilot across several states in the U.S. Now, federal and state agencies are investigating 2014-2021 Tesla models Y, X, S, and 3.

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What Is a Medical Lien and How Can It Help Me?

August 16, 2021

Did you know that your attorney can include medical expenses in your settlement? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a doctor or has insurance to cover routine appointments and checkups—that is where liens come in.

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Parking Lot Accidents and Safety Tips for Drivers

August 4, 2021

Parking lots are a lot riskier than you might think. At the moment, drivers might be thinking of parking quickly, getting to the next destination, errands, or responsibilities. The reality is driving while distracted causes hundreds of deaths and injuries across the U.S.

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Teen Dies Because of Inadequately Maintained Water Park

July 31, 2021

Earlier this month, what seemed like an eventful day had a devastating turning point and unfortunately resulted in a fatality. On July 20, a 14-year-old girl from Ohio drowned at the Land of Illusion’s Aqua Adventures Water Park. It had been over 30 minutes until Mykiara Jones was discovered.

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