Sightseeing Aircraft Crashes

June 28, 2019

While checking out the sights from above can be a once in a lifetime experience, it doesn’t always end well. Each year, there are aviation crashes that can lead to death or serious injury for the parties involved. Having a reputable aviation accident lawyer in Los Angeles

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Signs of a Bad Nursing Home

June 20, 2019

Unfortunately, elder abuse is becoming more prevalent in society. Elder abuse might be perpetrated by individuals committing nursing home neglect. Our team of elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles invites possible victims

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Benefits Of Hiring A Bus Accident Lawyer

June 12, 2019

When a bus accident occurs, it can be extremely detrimental. Whether it involves a school bus, public transit or a company specializing in excursions with tourists, it is probable that many passengers will be seriously injured. However, unlike many types

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Liability in Boating Accidents

June 5, 2019

Boating is a fun recreational activity that can provide a lot of fun in the summertime heat. While you may be thinking about the awesome places you could go with a new boat, it’s also important that you understand the legal situations that can arise from owning it. There are many boating accidents that happen each and every single year

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Why Should I Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer?

May 30, 2019

Were you recently injured in a construction accident? If so, the first thing you need to do is retain the services of the construction injury attorney Los Angeles residents rely on for justice. We can get you the compensation that your employer or insurance company may be denying you.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

May 15, 2019

If you are injured due to a product being defective or a manufacturer failing to disclose possible dangers associated with its use, the results can be devastating. For example, if you sustain serious burns, you will need surgeries, skin grafts, and months of physical therapy, all of which will be expensive

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Why You Should Hire a Burn Injury Lawyer

May 9, 2019

Every year in the United States, there are more than 1 million burn injuries that will require some type of medical attention. If you are one of these victims, you may be hesitant to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney. Severe burns can result in lingering injuries that may cause lifelong psychological and physical trauma

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Types of Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

May 2, 2019

By far, Los Angeles County is the most dangerous county in California for drivers. The City of Los Angeles has about 60,000 reported car crashes per year. Thousands of people are injured in those accidents, some of them severely. After being the injured victim of an auto accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of someone else

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