Slip and Fall

September 15, 2016

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents that businesses deal with in terms of lawsuits, medical procedures, and other practices. It’s often important to be prepared in case you get in one yourself. Failing to follow certain steps could result in long term harm and defects down the road, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Get medical help So clearly the first step you want to take is dealing medical emergency hand. There are many injuries that could have taken place, including but not limited to: Head injuries Wrist strain (If you caught yourself on your hands) Back and neck injuries Whiplash related pains It’s best to deal with these immediate before they become a problem later. Never walk away with pain or problems that haven’t been treated. Let someone know If you’re at someone’s home seek help from whoever is around and let the home owner know what’s happened. If it’s at a store report it to an employee and make sure they report it to management so it can be documented in case you need to access that documentation later or a simple accident evolves into something more. It’s never good to leave everyone in the dark. When you need help get help, and let someone know what happened so they can help remedy the situation. Make sure you obtain copy of any documentation before you leave. Take photos and gather evidence Take photos so later you can show the circumstances under which you fell. Was there a wet floor sign on a slippery surface, were there debris or other trip or slip hazards. Was every effort made to make the area safe and prevent this from happening to you. Also don’t be afraid to ask for information from nearby witnesses who may have seen something you might have missed. Store your clothing Immediately upon returning home store the clothing you were wearing somewhere safe. It may come in handy later and you won’t want it to be in any different of a condition than when you were wearing. This will also answer questions about your fall in court later, especially your shoes and pants. Call an attorney If you are seriously injured you may be eligible to receive compensation, but you will have to prove it in the court of law. Chances are you won’t want to take on the corporate lawyers yourself. You need a professional who is experienced in law and court room politics. You want your case in the hands of a professional. Don’t wait either, but call an attorney as soon as you are able. Don’t wait Make sure to take all these necessary steps immediately. The longer you wait and the more time you place between the present and your accident the harder it will be to prove and win.

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Why Is It Important To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

June 3, 2016

Why You Get a Lawyer for Your Injury Claim I daresay that generally being injured tends to be a traumatic experience, usually for everyone involved. You’re shaken up, you’re hurt, and you’re still processing what happened when the hospital calls with bills, demands for paperwork, and questions about your insurance information. You don’t have that answers to the questions you need to sort out. That’s where an attorney can not only make the process much easier, but get what you need to get back to an at least semi-normal life. No one but an experienced attorney can help you know where to turn next. 2) They Have Experience You lawyer will have knowledge, education, and perhaps most importantly experience processing and handling your claim. They will know your chances and if there’s any point pursuing a lawsuit. They will also help you both prepare for and win your case. 3) No financial Risk One thing that often scares people about hiring a lawyer is the cost, especially if you lose your case and walk away with nothing, except for scars and legal fees to show for it. Personal injury attorneys, however, often work on contingency. That means you don’t pay anything unless you win your case. 4) Save yourself From Information Overload There is going to be a lot of red tape in the road ahead. It’s a headache and it can be very confusing and complicated. Many people just give up and walk away with nothing because it’s just too much for them. A lawyer can handle the paperwork, understands the jargon, and knows the ropes. They’ll have no problem taking care of everything for you. 5) They will Investigate Can you afford a private investigator? Can you produce the credentials and the skills to conduct a full investigation yourself. This will likely come up in court and the other side will have evidence of their own to submit. An attorney will rely on a thorough and professional investigative team to look into every nook and crany of your case and the incident attached to it. 6) Objective You were physically and emotionally impacted by what happened. You may not be rational and fair enough to assess what happened. You’ll be unable to present a strong, fact-based case, and even if you do the judge will likely take it with a grain of salt considering the source. 7) Can Provide Alternative Dispute Resolution Options This may not have to go to court or become a full blown lawsuit. You may save yourself the time, energy, and frustration by perhaps seeking arbitrary mediation. Experienced lawyers will know how to pursue all options in this regard offering you the best possibility for the outcome. 8) Experience with Fellow Lawyers They know how to talk to lawyers, how to deal with them, and how to negotiate with them. They know how they think, and they employ similar tactics to their own. This levels playing field when you have professional stand with you 9) Experience with Insurance Companies The same can be said for insurance companies. They see these kinds of claims all […]

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