Supermarket and Grocery Store Accidents

Common supermarket and grocery store accidents?

Supermarkets and grocery stores have a duty to ensure that their patrons are protected from certain hazards on the property. In supermarkets and grocery stores there are certain hazards that are foreseeable, such as spills and slippery floors. When a person is injured as a result of a store's failure to remedy a hazard, then the injured person may have a claim for damages against the store. A Los Angeles slip and fall lawsuit attorney can help you file a claim and recover compensation.

There are several hazards that may arise in a supermarket or grocery store setting that could cause injuries. These may include:

  • Spills
  • Wet surfaces
  • Products that fall from not being shelved safely
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Failure to remove obstacles and debris

If an injury occurs on the premises as a result of something the store knew or should have known to be a hazard, then the store may be liable for the damages that result from the accident.

What should you do if injured in a store?

If you sustain injuries while on the premises of a supermarket or grocery store, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of having a successful claim. This includes:

  • Document the accident scene: take photographs and video recordings of the hazard, your injuries and the location where the accident occurred
  • Notify store personnel: make sure you notify store management of the accident and request that they make a written incident report
  • Identify any witnesses: Obtain the identity and contact information for persons who witnessed the accident or were aware of the hazard
  • Seek out immediate medical treatment: go see a doctor as soon as possible. The medical professionals will provide you with treatment and will also help document your injuries.
  • Contact a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles: a lawyer will provide you with legal advice and can help preserve important evidence for your claim

How does the claims process work?

If there is sufficient evidence to show that the supermarket or grocery store was negligent in failing to remedy or protect against the hazard, then you are entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. Most stores will have liability insurance that covers injuries sustained on the property. A claim can be filed with the insurance provider.

The claim will include a demand for a certain dollar amount. The amount that should be claimed depends upon the extent of your injuries and your particular circumstances. A Los Angeles attorney for slip and fall lawsuits can help determine what amount is reasonable to request.

After the insurance company receives the claim, they will either agree to settle for the amount claimed, offer a lesser amount, or deny liability. Slip and fall settlements usually begin with the insurance company denying liability or offering an amount that is less than what you have demanded. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will negotiate with the insurance adjuster to try and reach a compromise that is fair under the circumstances.

If the insurance adjuster refuses to offer a fair settlement sum or if they deny liability, then you can pursue your claim through a lawsuit.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

Personal injury claims can be complicated. Insurance adjusters frequently try to convince persons to settle for amounts that are insufficient. An experienced Los Angeles property injury attorney will be familiar with the insurance tactics and will know how to best respond.

An attorney will help you understand your option and what to expect during the process. They will provide you with legal advice about ways to improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

A lawyer will also act as your advocate. We will strive to make sure that you receive a settlement amount that covers your expenses and compensates you appropriately. By working with an attorney you will have greater peace of mind and will be able to focus on your recovery. Your attorney will deal with the insurance company and will negotiate on your behalf.

Our slip and fall attorneys are experienced and have successfully represented many in claims against supermarkets and grocery stores in California. We have helped many recover fair slip and fall settlements. If you or a loved one have been injured in a store, then contact us to learn more about your options.