Any car accident can wreak havoc on your body, but trucking accidents are often the most devastating of all. Trucks are much taller and larger than nearly all of the other vehicles on the road, and they also tend to weigh far more. This makes them significantly more dangerous than the other vehicles you encounter during your travels because their drivers have difficulty seeing shorter vehicles, they have large blind spots, it takes them longer to stop and their size allows them to overpower smaller vehicles. Here are a few categories of damages you are entitled to recover if you have been in a trucking accident:

The Cost of All the Medical Bills You Have Already Incurred

The medical treatment you have to undergo following a trucking accident gets expensive in a hurry. You may have severe injuries that require multiple surgeries and months or even years of follow-up appointments and physical therapy. Unless you happen to be independently wealthy or have exceptionally comprehensive insurance, paying all these costs on your own is often next to impossible. Los Angeles truck accident attorneys can help you recoup all these costs in your claim against the truck driver and the trucking company.

The Cost of Your Future Medical Treatment
Even after your truck accident lawyer Los Angeles helps you resolve your case, your injuries may not have completely healed. They may require additional care in order to heal, or they may be permanent and require care for the rest of your life. Your doctors should communicate to your truck accident lawyer Los Angeles how much your accident-related medical care will cost you over your lifetime. Your truck accident attorney Los Angeles will then convey the doctor's cost projection to the trucking company's insurer so it can be factored into the adjuster's settlement evaluation.

Any Earnings You Have Already Lost Due to Your Injuries
The severe injuries a trucking accident can cause frequently lead accident victims to miss weeks, months or even years of work. That means an extended period of time without the earnings you count on to support yourself and your loved ones. A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles knows how difficult it can be to lose your earning power, even if the loss is only temporary. A truck accident attorney Los Angeles can help you collect documentation from your employer to prove your lost wages so you can recover compensation for them.

Any Future Earnings You Will Lose Due to Your Injuries
Unfortunately, sometimes your lost earning power is not just temporary. Permanent disabilities are somewhat common in trucking accident victims. Even if you are able to recover from your injuries, you may not be able to return to your pre-accident line of work if it is too physically demanding for you. In that case, you may need to go back to school or enter a job retraining program to find a new career that fits within your new life. A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will be able to help you quantify your lost future earnings, often after enlisting an economist or actuary to perform complex calculations related to your life expectancy, your current profession and your anticipated post-accident profession.

Any Home Modifications and Vehicle Modifications Your Injuries Have Necessitated
If your injuries are extensive enough, you may have to modify your living space, your vehicles or both to accommodate your post-accident ability to engage in basic activities of daily living. These modifications are almost all quite expensive. Be sure to keep all documentation related to them so you can give it to your Los Angeles truck accident attorneys. They will let the truck driver's insurance company know that if it had not been for the accident, you would never have had to pay for modifications to accommodate your limitations.

Compensation for Past Pain and Suffering and Future Pain and Suffering
Only you know how much pain you are really experiencing at any given moment. Pain and suffering are subjective and difficult to quantify, but an experienced truck accident lawyer Los Angeles will know how to present your pain and suffering--past, present and future--to the insurance adjusters, defense attorneys and jurors. Your lawyer will make sure the insurance company does not shortchange you when your case is resolved.