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While we hope you never have to experience going through an accident or have to call a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, the risk remains whenever you get on the road. In a report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, most deaths occurred between big-rigs and passenger vehicle occupants. Although you might be driving in a larger SUV, the reality is that you are still vulnerable compared to trucks that weigh 20 to 30 times more. Keeping that in mind, drivers operating behind the wheel of tractor-trailers have a big responsibility. Because trucks are taller and require more ground coverage, drivers need to be careful about ensuring the vehicle is safe before driving. If not, it can result in havoc for everyone involved.

Braking Techniques to Be Aware Of

Trucking companies have a legal responsibility to professionally train truck drivers and make sure they receive a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). When that doesn't happen and victims suffer severe or life-threatening injuries, the company can be liable for damages. The reality is that trucks weigh 80,000 pounds or more. Not only is it hard to navigate, but it can also be dangerous when the system is ill-equipped. When truckers struggle to make a complete stop because of failing brakes, it can cause devastating property damage, car accidents, and more.
As a passenger vehicle driver, you might suffer the brunt of the accident more than a truck driver would. When it happens, you will need a skilled personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to protect your rights and secure the financial compensation you deserve for medical coverage, lost wages, pain, and suffering. We know how to hold negligent trucking companies accountable.

Road safety should always come first. Learning proper braking techniques is one of many things truck drivers should know to prevent normal wear and tear and avoid serious risks. Truckers should read on for several braking tips that may save your life in the long run.

  • Take a few minutes to check the braking system's air pressure. Press down on the brakes for two minutes to make sure it is adequate.
  • Check the gauge to indicate if the air system is working correctly.
  • The truck's transmission should be neutral when the parking brake is engaged.
  • Apply steady pressure to the brakes when driving in icy conditions when the anti-lock brake system is on.
  • Adjust the traction control if you are driving in dangerous weather conditions.

Common Braking Mistakes That Cause Truck Accidents

All commercial truck accidents should be reported to the highway safety authorities in California immediately. For investigative purposes, a highway patrol or police officer will assess how the accident happened. Truckers get trained to understand how and when to pump the brakes, adjust speed, or stop. An attorney for truck accident injuries provides a few examples of mistakes below:

  • Slamming on the brakes too hard when the roads are wet and slippery.
  • Not reducing vehicle speed or downshifting when necessary.
  • Applying the brakes suddenly, which might cause a jackknife or rollover accident.
  • Coming to a sudden stop, which causes the cargo to shift and spill onto the road.

Truck drivers should also know these techniques when going down a steep incline:

  • How to choose an appropriate gear for traveling down a hill.
  • When to apply the brakes to reduce speed to 5mph until reaching the bottom.
  • When to accelerate to a safe speed on the road.
  • The best time to apply brakes intermittently to disrupt the energy.

What Are the Types of Truck Accidents Caused from Improper Braking?

Truck accidents are an unfortunate reality that we face every day. Truck braking capabilities are significant factors truck accident lawyers in LA look into when developing the "key factors" of a personal injury case. Even though there was a shift in traffic because of the pandemic, commercial trucks were still transporting packages, inventories, or goods. Whether the driver failed to brake, maintain the truck's brake, or make repairs when needed, it can cause:

  • Rear-end accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Cargo Accidents
  • Head-on collisions

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident Caused by Brake Failure?

When a truck accident gets caused by inadequate brakes, your truck accident attorney in LA might hold several parties accountable.

The Truck Driver: Truckers are the first to be investigated. They are responsible for making sure the vehicle's brakes were checked and maintained before taking off. If not, they should be held liable for an accident caused by brake failure. For example, some drivers may not understand the limitations of the truck's brakes in dangerous weather conditions.

Maintenance Company: Outside of the commercial driver, maintenance companies oversee inspections and truck upkeep. Failing to identify a brake issue would mean the business shares liability for an accident. The number of visits per week gets documented in an inspection and maintenance log.
Loading Company: Loading companies ensure that the cargo is secured and a safe weight to transport. Uneven loading can cause the driver to brake suddenly or ride the brakes. If your accident happened because of cargo concerns, the company should be held liable.
Brake Manufacturers: If a tractor-trailer has a defective brake from a poor design or mistake in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer is just as responsible.

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