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Truck accidents are one of the most complex types of accidents out there, as they are most often severe and fatal. Additionally, trucking companies often put up a fight against the opposing insurance companies and attorneys involved in the case with efforts to protect themselves. A truck accident requires an exhaustive investigation that surpasses any ordinary investigation, so it is important to know how crucial the investigative part is in these types of cases.

After a truck accident has occurred, it is important that it is investigated right away because the evidence must be preserved. This way, your team of Los Angeles truck accident attorneys will be able to find the trucking company liable for their wrongdoings.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Lawyer Investigate if Police Normally Handle it?
When it comes to obtaining legal compensation and justice for your injuries, it is best to hire an attorney that specializes in truck accidents so he or she is able to thoroughly investigate the accident. Often times, defendants in truck accidents have the means and resources to litigate their own cases until the end of time, and if plaintiffs do not have a sufficient amount of evidence, then won’t be able to determine liability.

Victims are often faced with serious challenges when they attempt to handle a case on their own. Even if it is clear that the defendant may be responsible for an accident, it is best to have a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles on your side in order for him or her to prove why the accident happened. Your attorney will be able to conduct an in-depth investigation that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Trucking company’s safety policies (or lack thereof)
  • Training procedures
  • Maintenance protocols
  • Whether or not the driver exceeded his or her driving hours
  • Whether drugs or alcohol was involved

There are several other factors that can be accounted for when it comes to evidence that would determine the truck driver’s responsibility for the accident and your attorney will do whatever it takes to find him or her liable for your injuries. In fact, there must be multiple pieces of evidence that leads to determining who is at fault--not just one piece of evidence.

By having a truck accident attorney Los Angeles on your side, he or she will be able to act on your behalf and find any and all evidence that leads to not only what happened in the accident, but also a history of negligent behavior that the driver has from the past.

Keep in mind that gathering and preserving evidence is one of the most important aspects of your case, therefore, your deadline to do so is limited. There is a statute of limitations, which means that you have two years to file a personal injury claim and if you exceed the two year limit, then your claim will be permanently barred. Additionally, even waiting as little as a month to contact an attorney can hurt your claim, as the evidence needed for your case could have already disappeared within the time that you waited. For instance, a mechanical defect that contributed to the truck accident could have been fixed within that month’s worth of time. With that being said, that it why it is so important to act promptly if you have been involved in any type of accident because evidence is everything.

Investigating the Accident Scene
There are several specific aspects that are investigated by an attorney, such as the following:

  • Letters of spoliation: This is a document that is enforceable under the law and is sent to the defendant alerting them that a lawsuit is pending and that no evidence pertaining to the accident can be destroyed, altered, concealed, or tampered with in any way.
  • Accident reconstruction: A vehicular accident reconstruction is when an expert reconstructs the events of a collision. This involves gathering as much information relating to the accident as possible, such as interviewing witnesses, measuring skid marks of the accident scene, performing inspections of the vehicles involved, and much more.
  • Electronic and digital evidence: Obtaining electronic information, such as the Engine Control Module (ECM) data, RPM data (speed, brakes, etc.), GPS data, and much more.
  • Driver Records: The driver’s records will be reviewed, which include his or her’s employment application, driving record, medical history, physical results, medical examinations, criminal history, and more. In addition, the Department of Transportation requires drivers to meet the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER), which will also be assessed in the investigation.; By doing this, it can determine whether the driver was stable and licenses to be driving the vehicle in the first place.

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