How A Ridesharing Accident Attorney Can Help Secure Justice and Compensation

Sexual assault among Uber and Lyft passengers has become increasingly more common. While ridesharing has offered a convenient and affordable way to get around, passenger safety is at risk from lax safety protocols and hiring processes. If you or a loved one have been the victim of sexual assault, you deserve to hold the negligent parties accountable. At Gutierrez Law, our ridesharing accident lawyer is here to defend you against Uber or Lyft and start the claims process.

Sexual Assault Statistics for Uber and Lyft

There is no way to foresee when accidents, injuries, or assaults will happen. Because the concept of Uber and Lyft are still fresh, both companies are still trying to refine their services in cases of assault. The nature of ridesharing essentially requires that you trust a stranger - you deserve to feel that they're going to be reliable.

Unfortunately, most sexual assault cases go unreported – meaning the number of cases is much higher than the current statistics. Reports from The Guardian and National Sexual Violence Resource Center reveal these shocking details:

  • Lyft received over 4,000 reports of sexual assault from 2017 to 2019
  • In 2019 non-consensual touching was the most reported complaint
  • There were 10 fatal assaults from 2017 through 2019
  • At this time Uber had reported 3,000 more sexual assaults on rides


  • Between 2017 and 2018 Uber received approximately 6,000 assault claims
  • Of the 6,000 reports, 564 accounted for rape
  • There were 19 fatalities (riders and passengers) from sexual assault

Why Do Rideshare Sexual Assault Accidents Happen?

Unless you reside in California, the hiring process is much easier and lenient than a taxi or private car service. We are among the few states with strict qualifications and requirements for rideshare drivers. Uber and Lyft can only hire candidates with:

  • Car insurance and registration
  • A vehicle with at least four doors
  • A valid driver's license for a year
  • Vehicle inspection annually or per 50,000 miles
  • Pass their designated background check process

Negligence often comes down to the background check. The third-party businesses they employ are not as thorough or accurate as an FBI search. But Uber and Lyft depend on them because they're cheaper and take less time to complete. For any personal injury claim to win in court, there must be enough evidence that ties the driver and company to the alleged felony offense.

Your personal injury attorney will investigate and pull from Uber or Lyft yearly criminal background check, an annual requirement per state law. Suppose your driver was convicted of an assault a few months prior. If they failed to notify the company and continued to service riders, the driver would be liable for your injuries.

Compensation available for assaults committed by a rideshare driver will depend on the nature of the accident. Rape, unwanted touching, and physical violence are just a few of the dangers that might bring on emotional trauma, head injuries, bodily injuries, or worse. We want to ensure that you have coverage for the medical expenses, rehabilitation, and therapy needed.

What Is Uber Doing to Stop Sexual Assault?

Uber has initiated a gender-based strategy to protect women who use their services. On their website, riders can also find safety tips, information regarding assault and misconduct standards, a 24/7 reporting service, and additional information about the app. The company must also provide accurate and anonymous data on sexual assault incidents that happen moving forward.

What Is Lyft Doing to Stop Sexual Assault?

Lyft is also continuously making strides to improve safety. As a rider, you can find more information on their site addressing security guidelines and policies. In cases of emergency, there is an ADT feature on the app that alerts law enforcement. Drivers should have a firm understanding of all rideshare policies. As of 2019, it is a requirement for them to complete a program backed by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).

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