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Like car accidents, rideshare accidents can also leave you and your family struggling to make ends meet with forthcoming medical bills, drastic changes in your quality of life, and having to take much-needed time off work. In a regular car crash, drivers only need to file a claim against a negligent driver. Although, the circumstances are much different if the opposing driver was working for a ridesharing company. Uber and Lyft can make it difficult for victims of car accidents to sue them for compensation. When you get hurt, trust our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to help you understand California law regarding rideshare accidents.

Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Self-Employed

Uber and Lyft have yet to classify drivers as employees. As of last year, they are continuing to treat their drivers in the state of California as independent contractors. Self-employed drivers only work on contract. This means they provide a specialized service, in exchange for payment, not the employment relationship itself. 

Across the U.S. many Uber or Lyft drivers sign up for extra income or solely depend on the business to make ends meet. Whether they commit a few minutes, or several hours transporting riders to their next destination, it can offer a great financial solution. However, just doing work for the company as opposed to working directly for the company means an employer is not responsible for their actions in the event of a tragic accident. Additionally, thousands of drivers are not going to be entitled to employee benefits, including insurance, sick leave, or overtime pay. 

Popular tech conglomerates like Uber and Lyft evade liability by structuring their company this way. It takes an experienced rideshare accident lawyer in Los Angeles to aggressively fight against them on behalf of a driver’s negligence for full compensation. Typically, when a rideshare driver, passenger, or third-party driver gets hurt there is still a way out. Anyone that owns a motor vehicle in California must carry insurance for accidents. 

What Role Does the Insurance Company Have?

According to Uber, there were 97 fatal crashes between 2017 and 2018, which caused 107 wrongful deaths. Of this devastating statistic, 21% of crash victims were the passenger, 21% were the driver, and the remaining 58% were third-party drivers. In a rideshare accident, you should expect there to be more than one person involved. This means you may have to negotiate with several insurance companies before they can establish liability for your injuries. Liability decides who your car crash lawyer in LA will sue.

When someone drives for Uber or Lyft, they have their car insurance policy to protect them in the event of an accident. However, drivers should not rely solely on it. Especially when ridesharing companies have a supplemental plan just in case they don’t have enough insurance to cover a claim. As a passenger, you need not worry about whether your lawyer for negligent drivers can recover for all damages caused by the defendant. Rideshare drivers are required to add on a policy or request additional coverage before getting behind the wheel.

As a passenger, when you file a claim there is a limit as to how much you can recover in a rideshare accident. For instance, if the driver was proven negligent victims can only recover the amount of the insurance coverage. As this is a legal case against the driver, and not the company, you may find it difficult to increase your settlement without an injury attorney in LA. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the crash, you may likely receive less than the full number of damages you request.

Can You File a Lawsuit Directly Against Uber and Lyft?

If your attorney for rideshare injuries in LA finds the company shares fault in an accident, you might be able to recover from them as well. A scenario where pursuing a legal case against Uber or Lyft might occur is if a driver attacks, or sexually assaults a rider. Although the driver is an independent contractor, both ride-hailing companies are responsible for running an extensive background check on all contracted persons and ensuring they adhere to all safety standards on the road. Because ridesharing companies normally deny any claim filed against them, if you can prove their negligence resulted in your injuries you could recover more than the $1,500,000 policy. 

It may seem like obtaining financial restitution in a rideshare accident is easy, but we can assure you it can be a long, complex process, Especially without an attorney for Uber or Lyft injuries on your side. Although Uber and Lyft pride their businesses on putting customers first, their corporate insurance will take steps to keep you from fully recovering what is owed to you. Instead of dealing with more than one insurance company on your own during recovery, allow us to step in and stand up for your rights.

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