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Below are the leading causes of pediatric injury and essential safety tips. Another person’s negligence can cause injuries, and you may need to search for a child injury lawyer near me for legal assistance.

Causes of Pediatric Injuries
Motor Vehicle Crashes Fast Facts

  • The emergency room experiences over 150 children with injuries every hour. Car accidents cause high death rates between ages 5 to 19.

Safety guidelines Rear-Facing Seat

  • Infants should stay in the rear-facing seat at the back all through the drive period.
  • Children below one year need to stay at the rear-facing seat.

You may need the help of Los Angeles child injury attorney to file for a car accident lawsuit caused by someone’s negligence

Forward-Facing Seats

  • The forward seats are for children who have outgrown the age limit, weight, or height and can no longer fit in the rear-facing seats.

Booster Seats

  • Children use the booster seat after they outgrow the forward-facing seats. The belts fit well no matter the size or weight of the kid.

Seat Belts

  • Once the kid grows from the booster seat, they are now ready to use the seat belts, and they can sit in any seat of their choice.

Suffocation Fast Facts

  • There are high chances of infants fainting while sleeping. Most children choke on food and any element at their disposal. 

Safety Tips

Be close to your kid while eating, and eat a small portion of food at intervals. Teach the kid to chew at slow rates, and they need to finish the food in the mouth before they talk or laugh.

Let the children keep off playing during mealtime. If the suffocation were due to another person’s negligence, you’d help from personal injury attorney Los Angeles.

Drowning Fast Facts

  • Children between 1 to 4 years drown every day. Drowning causes some kids to get permanent disabilities due to brain injuries. Some of the injuries could require you to file a lawsuit with the Help of child injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Safety Tips

  • Always supervise your child when around water. When you go swimming with your kid, always have life jackets. If it’s a community pool, you may need to seek the Help of your child injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Poisoning Fast Facts

Safety Tips

  • Lock up toxic substances from children’s reach. Follow medical prescriptions on the labels before giving medicine to your kids. Dispose of every unsafe or expired medicine.

Burns Fast Facts

  • There are about 300 children who report to the emergency room daily for related injuries. The most common causes are hot liquids and flames. If you need to file a lawsuit against burn negligence, you may need to let a Los Angeles child injury attorney run the case.

Prevention Tips

  • Ensure your home has smoke alarms on all floors and close to all bedrooms. Make frequent monthly tests to ensure they are functional.

Falls Fast Facts

  • Falls affect children below 19 years and approximately 8,000 reports to the emergency room for fall-related injuries each day.

Prevention Tips

  • Supervise your kids at all times when they are in the playground. Ensure the environment is free from debris and other harmful elements. Get suitable safety wear form the kids like helmets and knee pads.

Legal Help from a Child Injury Lawyer Near You
As a parent, your number one priority should be the safety of your kid at all times. Even if you aren’t at home, ensure you leave your kids and a mature person’s care. Always seek quick medical interventions with the Help of a personal injury attorney Los Angeles when your kid sustains an injury.