While swimming pools can be relaxing places to unwind with family and friends, they can also be very dangerous. Each year in the U.S., almost 300 children ages five or younger die from swimming pool accidents, and almost 3,000 people each year have ER visits related to swimming pool accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in a swimming pool accident, contact a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles trusts to get justice in these cases.

Swimming Pool Dangers
While most people think a swimming pool has to be large for an accident to occur, that is not true. For many people who have turned to a swimming pool injury lawyer Los Angeles victims rely on to win these cases, injuries have taken place in “kiddie pools” and small hot tubs. Since drowning is the second-most common type of fatality for kids up to 14 years old, never assume nothing tragic can happen in a small pool. However, should a tragic accident take place, hire an experienced Los Angeles swimming pool injury attorney.

How Accidents Happen
When accidents take place in and around swimming pools, they happen for many reasons. In some cases, children or adults get stuck in suction outlets and are pulled under water. In other instances, children wander into a pool when they are unattended or parents get distracted. Since it only takes a split-second for a tragedy to occur, these cases can become very complex when examining evidence. Therefore, always hire a swimming pool accident attorney who understands the specifics of such cases.

How to Prevent Accidents
While many swimming pool accidents take place annually, there are many ways to prevent a swimming pool accident from occurring. First, children should never be left unattended where they can gain access to a swimming pool. Along with this, removing pool toys from the area can also discourage kids from entering the pool unsupervised. Finally, if you and your family are going on vacation or even to a local swimming pool at a rec center, always make sure they have trained lifeguards on duty at all times. If an accident occurs and you feel negligence played a factor, seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles families know can protect their rights and get them much-deserved compensation.

Negligence and Carelessness
In many situations where swimming pool accidents take place, negligence and carelessness often play a significant factor in the events leading up to the accident. From hotel pools that are poorly-maintained to lifeguards who are not properly trained in CPR and rescue procedures, these and other factors can lead to a tragedy that never should have occurred. If facing such a situation, contact a swimming pool injury lawyer Los Angeles residents know always fights hard for them each time.

If you are determined that others accept responsibility for their negligence, work closely with a swimming pool accident attorney. To get started, arrange for a consultation today with a Los Angeles swimming pool injury attorney from Gutierrez Law.