It was a very sad day when Raymond McDaniel, a resident of Antioch, only 36 years old, was killed in a Bay Point pedestrian hit-and-run accident. McDaniel died at the scene.

McDaniel was lighting fireworks on Saturday, the Fourth of July, and was in the intersection of Shore Road and Seaview Drive at around 9:55 p.m. He was hit by an Audi sedan reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed and was thrown into a car parked there. The Audi fled the scene of the accident, which is a crime in itself. The driver was later found in Pittsburg and arrested for gross vehicular manslaughter and suspected alcohol DUI.

Pedestrian accidents
Statistics have shown that around 11 percent of accidents are hit-and-run incidents and that 60 percent of people killed in those crashes are pedestrians. The reason that many suspects leave the scene is because they are driving without a license, are intoxicated, or are worried about being arrested for something if they stay.

Raymond’s family may well be entitled to a claim of wrongful death and may seek damages for the mentioned pain and suffering as well as loss of companionship and emotional and financial distress following a tragic accident such as what happened in this case.

Additionally, what else does a pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles area do?
Also, as an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney, the Gutierrez firm has a goal to help prove that a client’s injury was the result of another person’s negligence or as a result of a hazard on someone else’s property. Clients can recover money or other awards for their damages as a partial “relief” for pain and suffering. The actions or inactions of others are often to blame for injuries and accidents.

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We, a family of highly-rated attorneys who have had successful recoveries for generations, are ready to be of service to you if you are searching for a personal injury attorney in the Los Angeles area. It is crucial that you speak to an attorney right away while critical witnesses can be located and their testimony taken and while photographs and other proof and details can still be recorded at the scene.

A pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles will identify the liable parties, thoroughly prepare your case, work with insurance companies, analyze all evidence, include relevant witnesses and the most qualified experts to help support your case, fight hard for your claim, protect your legal rights, and negotiate a reasonable settlement or go to court. A pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles can also help guide a grieving family with compassion at this difficult time.

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