The streets in and around the Los Angeles area are among the most dangerous in the nation. According to a new California study, of the 441 Los Angeles intersections examined, 221 were identified as the most dangerous.

The vehicle accident data is extremely frustrating over the years. Much can be attributed to the number of deaths and close calls on the many roadways. Whether inattentive driving is due to texting, aggressive driving, speeding, or failing to follow posted directions, the numbers of deaths and injuries continue to grow.

The 1Point21Interactive, which identifies dangerous intersections shows that little has been done over the years to discourage safe driving conditions.

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Overall, the biggest reason for the number of accidents is sheer overcrowding. The intersection of Reseda Blvd. and Devonshire was identified as the most dangerous in the state of California. This area — like most others identified as dangerous — all have the same factors in common: cyclist, pedestrians, and vehicles.

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Southern California is still working to resolve the issues affecting dangerous roadways and intersections. The newly-approved Vision Zero, is an initiative that aims to fight the problem. Commission members who organized the initiative are projecting a drop in vehicle accidents and deaths by 2025.

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