The cookware brand Sunbeam issued a recall on one of its crockpots just two days before Thanksgiving due to a potential burn hazard. The 6-Quart Express Multi-Cooker has been identified as a defective product. Over one million of this item have been sold. A lid-locking issue may cause the crockpot to eject steaming food if not locked into place properly, according to the recall.

Any time a product does not operate as it should and causes harm, the manufacturer can be sued for the damages that incur. If you have been burned by a defective Sunbeam slow cooker, call a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney Los Angeles will take on your case and help you get the justice you deserve.

Not only do personal injuries cause physical suffering, but they can also cause mental anguish for many years to come. You will need an experienced and trusted burn injury attorney Los Angeles like Oscar Gutierrez at your side.

Burn injuries can be severe and cause the following issues: 

  • Scarring 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Medical treatment, including skin grafts
  • Emotional trauma, including PTSD

Any individual who suffers due to the negligence of someone else should seek the counsel of a burn injury lawyer Los Angeles. You will be able to secure compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other punitive damages.

Unfortunately, several people have already filed claims against Sunbeam due to burns. Depending on a number of factors, the plaintiffs will likely receive extensive compensatory damages.

If you are burned due to the negligence of someone else, only a burn injury attorney Los Angeles can help you get the compensation you deserve. You could be off work for several weeks or months and have to receive physical therapy in order to learn how to move properly again. Depending on the severity of the burn, you may have to get cosmetic surgery. Burns frequently result in trauma, and you may also have to start seeing a therapist to learn to cope with what happened. 

An experienced personal injury attorney Los Angeles knows every trick of the trade. They know how insurance companies will attempt to low ball plaintiffs to go for the lowest amount they can pay, so it’s best to leave any conversations regarding money up to them.

Your Los Angeles burn injury lawyer will always have your best interest at heart. They will walk you through the process from start to finish. And they will always fight aggressively for your rights.

Only a burn injury lawyer Los Angeles can ensure that those responsible for your injuries pay the price to make you whole again. Call an expert today for a free consultation.