WWE star Shad Gaspard’s widow filed a wrongful death lawsuit on December 21 in connection with the wrestler’s drowning on Venice Beach on May 17, 2020.

According to the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Gaspard’s widow claims the drowning was due to negligence because no “warning signs” or “risk of danger” signs were posted on the property.

The suit also alleges that Gaspard and his son, identified as “A.G.” were swimming not far from the shore. A.G. at some point began to struggle and Gaspard attempted to help his son.

“Aid rendered to A.G was done so without the proper equipment,” according to the suit. Additionally, the suit alleges that the “lifeguards only rendered aid to A.G. and left Gaspard to die.”

The suit also alleges that officials failed to provide an adequate number of lifeguards and staff, failed to provide proper equipment, and trained lifeguards on the day of the growing. Swimmers are also not advised of potential danger.

The family’s Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Jon Teller, says the entire situation could have been avoided. He went on to say that this lesson should better prepare officials for the future.

An investigation is still ongoing.

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