Types Of Defective Product Liability Claims

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Whether you purchased a new piece of furniture, a power tool, or perhaps a toy for your child, you assume the product will work as expected and be as safe as possible. Yet in many cases when consumers make their purchase, something goes wrong and leads to serious injuries.

When this happens, many victims have little idea where to turn or what to do next. Rather than let a manufacturer or retailer get by with such negligence and carelessness, it is imperative victims hold those responsible for their injuries accountable for their actions. To do so, they should begin by consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles for defective product claims.

Defective Product Liability

Though many different types of defective products cases occur each year, they generally fall into three categories in terms of seeking compensation. These categories are:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Defective design
  • Failing to provide proper warnings or instructions on product use

If a defective product injured you due to any of these three reasons, consult with an attorney for defective product injuries in Los Angeles to protect your rights.

Defective Manufacturing

Defective manufacturing is considered the most common type of product liability claim. It indicates that a product was flawed during the manufacturing process. Common examples can include a child's swing set containing a cracked chain or a motorcycle built without brakes.

When you purchase and begin to use the product, the manufacturing defect eventually leads to severe injuries. However, even though it may seem very obvious to you, it will still be necessary to produce sufficient evidence showing the manufacturing defect did in fact cause them.

To give yourself the best chance of winning your case and collecting financial compensation, hire the services of a defective product liability lawyer.

Defective Designs

When consumers get injured from defective products, the product's design is to blame in other situations. When this happens, the entire line of products is likely defective as well, putting thousands or even millions of other people at risk of being injured.

One of the most common examples involve automobiles that get recalled due to design flaws that cause them to catch fire or flip over when rounding a corner. Or perhaps an electric blanket overheats and catches fire. As with defective manufacturing claims, you must show the design flaw that caused your damages. Since these cases can be complex, look for advice from a product liability attorney.

Failing to Provide Warnings or Instructions

The product manufacturer is alleged to have failed to provide warnings or instructions to consumers regarding their product. In this circumstance, consumers are not aware of special requirements, precautions, or dangers associated with the product, resulting in their injury.

This can include over-the-counter medications that fail to disclose possible side effects, chemicals that fail to provide warnings or instructions for safe usage, and other related examples. Your attorney must demonstrate that your injuries occurred because the manufacturer did not give the hazardous item the necessary warnings or instructions.

Understanding the Differences

Since each of these claims differs, it is important to understand the differences associated with each before beginning your personal injury lawsuit. By doing so, you will stand a much better chance of winning your case. Whether it was something that happened during the manufacturing, design, or marketing process, always try to keep the product in question and turn it over to your attorney so that expert witnesses can examine it.

Compensation for Your Injuries

When you are injured by a defective product, it will be important to work with a legal professional with extensive experience in these cases. By doing so, you will stand the best possible chance of gaining maximum compensation for your injuries. You may have numerous medical bills that need to be paid or loss of income from taking time off work.

Depending on how seriously you were injured, you could also be facing daily pain and suffering from your injuries, greatly diminishing your quality of life. Rather than face substantial financial hardship due to the negligence and carelessness of a manufacturer or retailer, rely on legal counsel from our law firm. We have the experience and knowledge needed to win your case.

Do What it Takes to Win Your Case

After the shock of being injured by a defective product has worn off, make the decision to do whatever it takes to win your defective product liability case. To schedule your consultation with our experienced legal team, contact Gutierrez Law as soon as possible.