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California's Statute of Limitations For Premises Liability Accidents 

According to California Code of Civil Procedures (CCP) §335.1, you have two (2) years after a negligent incident on another person’s property to file a premises liability claim with a Los Angeles court.

While this amount of time will allow you to gather evidence, identify a liable party, and estimate your potential compensation, you can choose to work with a premises liability lawyer to represent you.

The statute of limitations in California is designed to encourage those individuals who suffer from accidents on another person’s property to bring their cases to a local court while information from that incident remains fresh.

The different types of premises liability accidents to which you can fall victim include but are not limited to:

What Should I Do After a Premises Accident?

If you recently suffered an accident on someone else’s property, you should take the following steps to protect yourself immediately after your accident:

  • Seek emergency medical care
  • Contact the police or authorities. If you’re injured on someone else’s property, you should alert the property owner and/or any supervisors as soon as possible. Getting the police involved for an accident report may be necessary for proving negligence in court.
  • Document accident scene evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene and gather contact information of any witnesses.
  • Ignore calls from insurance companies. An insurance adjuster will try to contact you repeatedly to get you to accept a settlement offer. When this happens, ignore those calls, and immediately consult with an experienced premises liability attorney who will handle all negotiations for you.
  • Hire a premises liability attorney. At the Gutierrez Law Firm, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation and dedicated representation for your liability case.

Choosing a Premises Liability Lawyer to Submit Your Claim

If you wish to file a claim against another party in Los Angeles, you can bring together evidence to establish a liable party within that case as well as an estimate of what you think your potential compensation may look like. A premises liability lawyer can help you establish both elements in a complaint that you can submit before a court in your area.

You can rely on a premises liability lawyer to represent you in court as you fight for your compensation. Together, you can bring the story of your accident to the attention of legal professionals regardless of what role you played on the liable party’s property and also present your estimated compensation to supplement your losses.

In some cases, the owner of the property on which you had your accident may choose to reach out to you after an accident with a settlement offer. In these cases, you can work with a premises liability lawyer in Los Angeles to determine whether that settlement addresses all of your concerns, post-accident. If it does not, you can continue to negotiate for a settlement.

If you have recently suffered from an accident while on another person’s property, regardless of your status on that property, you can seek to file a legal suit against them. Our dedicated team of attorneys can talk you through your legal options while also helping you estimate what compensation your accident may entitle you to receive.

How Can a Premises Liability Lawyer Help My Case?

At Gutierrez Law we take a strategic approach to all premises liability cases that come in our office. We devote our knowledge, skills, and resources to developing a solid premises liability case and arguing it before a judge and jury.

Our legal team will thoroughly investigate your premises liability case. When necessary, we will employ private investigators and industry experts to determine the cause of your injury and identify the at-fault party. Once liability is determined, our premises liability lawyers will pursue compensation on your behalf.

Hold those who are responsible for your premises liability injury accountable for their negligence. Let our team at the Gutierrez Law Firm fight to secure the compensation that you deserve.

To speak to one of our experienced premises liability lawyers about your case, set up a free, no-obligation personal injury case consultation by completing our online form or calling (877) 544 0852.

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