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California is known for its booming tourism. Over 140 million international and national visitors arrived in the golden state in 2020, and that number is expected to surpass 200 million by the end of the year. Guided city bus tours are a big part of the culture here, from one-day group outings to weekend trips. But no one expects to collide into one. This article addresses what you should know about tour bus accidents and when to reach out to a personal injury attorney.

Causes of Tour Bus Accidents in LA

The last thing you want to worry about is getting hit by a tour bus on vacation. Tour buses are susceptible to major traffic accidents in LA like any other motor vehicle. Negligence, improper vehicle maintenance, road conditions, and weather are just a few contributing factors to blame. Collisions are primarily caused from:

The bus company is responsible for the health and safety of everyone on board. Limited seats and seat belt availability can cause passengers to fall into each other or get hurt if the driver makes a sudden stop.

Driver Fatigue and Exhaustion
Drowsy driving is never okay. In some ways it parallels drunk driving. Getting a good night's sleep will help drivers stay alert, retain sound judgment, and reaction time to avoid accidents and injury.

Failed To Abide by The Traffic Rules
The bustling Los Angeles metro area has a lot of traffic rules. But not all tour bus drivers follow them - increasing their liability risk.

Some tour bus drivers operate under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Both impair the person's mental and motor skills. It is illegal and goes against federal and state common carrier laws.

Lack Of Maintenance
Not all travel companies do their best to ensure their buses are adequately evaluated and maintained before use. Sudden malfunctions are more susceptible to happen on busy roads or highways.

The Legal Standard for Bus Drivers in California

Tour buses are considered commercial operators and common carriers. The common carrier law applies to companies whose business is to transport passengers for a service fee. Hired drivers must exercise the highest level of care regarding the safety of any passenger. Typically, personal injury lawsuits will transpire from negligence or reckless behavior.

Who Is Liable in A Tour Bus Accident?

Determining liability after a tour bus accident is not always straightforward. Several parties can be at fault for full or partial involvement. As our legal team examines the accident, we'll primarily investigate:

  • The tour company that entered a contractual agreement with the bus company. They are responsible for hiring transportation services with a clean record versus one with multiple safety violation citations.
  • The bus company – owners of the vehicle – should be utilizing a properly maintained bus. Each driver should be appropriately licensed and trained with the basic requirements to fulfill their role.
  • Certain destinations are also subject to investigation. As the passenger, you're susceptible to the conditions presented at each location along the tour. For example, if you slip and fall on debris departing the bus at Universal Studios, the property owner would be liable for your injuries.

How Do I Sue a Bus Company?

A bus accident attorney from Gutierrez Law can help you get started with the legal process. After a free consultation, we will help you draft an initial complaint against the tour bus company. It should state information about the accident, include copies of your medical records and other damages following the incident. To win, we'll need ample evidence demonstrating that the defendant's negligence caused you harm. Our legal team can go over this in detail and help you learn more about how to pursue compensation.

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