Damages Recoverable for Bus Accidents

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Tourists and locals use buses to get around the sprawling city of Los Angeles. Rather than endure the endless traffic jams and maddening congestion, they prefer the smoother commute provided by public transportation. They're typically used to transport students to school, employees to work, venues, shopping facilities, or their place of residence. Outside of the SoCal area, passengers travel across the state and the country.

If you are one of the many LA residents who travel by bus, you expect a safe ride to your next destination. You should not have to worry about your well-being when you step aboard. Bus accidents are often the result of poor driving conditions, driver error, or malfunction from poor maintenance.

Who's Responsible For My Injuries?

The bus driver, company, and third-party businesses can be held accountable for the injuries and losses sustained by passengers if the accident is linked to negligence or lack of oversight. Bus drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road, drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol or have not gotten adequate rest should not be operating the vehicle.

As a passenger, the driver owes you the highest standard of care. If you've been injured in an unexpected accident, you have every legal right to hold the company accountable. Your journey toward doing so begins with personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. They will help you get the money you deserve from a company whose negligence has damaged your health and well-being.

Damages Recoverable

You need not deal with the financial strain of your injuries alone. Hiring an attorney can help you negotiate a settlement to cover expenses for what you have suffered. You can claim the following damages after the accident:

  1. Medical expenses
    If your injuries are severe, you will need to spend significant amounts of time in the hospital. You may also need to undergo extensive and invasive treatment to help heal you. That could put you out of work for a while, straining your ability to pay the bills. The tab for the surgeries, rehabilitation therapy, follow-up appointments, and prescription medications will be high as well.One of the first things your lawyer will do is establish the value of your case. To do so, they will need to review your medical records to determine the extent of your injury. They'll also evaluate the expense of the ambulance needed to transport you to the hospital, the emergency care administered, and all the other costs related to your recovery. The physician's notes will be used to determine a proper case value.
  2. Lost wages and ability to earn
    You will lose a great deal of money while you are in the hospital. It can have a devastating effect on your family. Even when you are released from the hospital, you may not be able to go back to work straight away. Reclaiming this lost revenue will be part of your lost wage recovery efforts. Lawyers who are well-versed in public transportation accidents will be able to establish the money owed to you for missed days of work by using your W-2 and tax return information.Your lawyer will also help you get compensation for lost earning capacity. Even if you can return to your job, you may be forced to work shorter hours or in a position that does not pay as well. Your attorney will bring in a vocational professional and your physician to help them determine the extent of your incapacity. These meetings will yield a disability rating, which will indicate the level of your impairment. Lawyers for bus accident disputes will then calculate the amount of money you will lose because of it.
  3. Non-economic damages
    Not all your injuries can be assessed readily in dollars and cents. However, they can be quantified. If you have suffered great mental and emotional anguish and distress from the crash, you can get compensated for this. Anxiety, depression, strained relationships with your family, or the complete breakdown of your marriage—these can all come as a result of the accident.The state of California applies what it calls a multiplier to your economic damages. If, for example, your medical expenses and lost wages and earning capacity added up to $200,000, you can multiply this by four to get the amount owed in non-economic damages. Your attorney should be experienced and skilled enough to argue for the proper multiplier.
  4. Wrongful death
    If you are the surviving spouse or family member of someone who lost their life in a bus accident, you can sue for wrongful death. You can sue for expenses related to the funeral and burial costs, medical bills, and the lost earnings of the departed. The last of these is especially important if the deceased person was the sole breadwinner. Your suit can also include money for loss of companionship and support.
  5. Punitive damages
    If the bus company or driver acted especially maliciously and recklessly, it is possible to claim punitive damages. The court would award punitive damages if anyone connected to the bus company acted in an especially egregious way.If you have been in a bus accident, you deserve your day in court to settle for damages owed. Bus crash lawyers in Los Angeles have the experience and expertise to get you justice.