T-Bone Accident

What Happens In a T-Bone Accident

When someone is involved in a T-bone accident, one of the biggest questions they have is whether they need to hire a car accident lawyer. The short answer is yes because these cases can sometimes be complex. You want to make sure you hire someone who is considered the best T-bone accident attorney in Los Angeles. Particularly a local lawyer that specializes in these types of accidents.

When a T-bone accident occurs, the vehicle that gets hit ends up getting its side caved in. These types of accidents can cause serious injuries because it’s such an intense impact. While most newer model vehicles have airbags on the sides for these severe injuries are still likely to occur. Some common injuries of T-bone accidents are:

  • Brain trauma
  • Collapsed lungs
  • Injuries to the organs
  • Broken bones

T-bone crashes can be put into different categories, which are: minor, moderate, and severe. The way they are categorized is by how much of the vehicle gets pushed to the inside.

  • If it’s 4 inches or less, it’s considered minor
  •  If it’s 4 to 6 inches, then it’s considered moderate
  • If it’s 6 inches or more, then it’s considered severe

In most severe T-bone accidents, it’s common to see the roof crushed inwards, which could cause more injuries.

Liability in a T-Bone Accident

Most T-bone accidents are caused by the carelessness of the driver who is at fault. There are many reasons why an accident like this might occur, including: speeding or not obeying traffic signs or laws. To sue someone for an accident such as this, you need to prove that they were driving negligently because every person who drives has a responsibility to drive smartly and safely while following all traffic laws and signs. To help their case, a lot of drivers will collect information as soon as they can after the accident. The common things that are collected are listed below.

  • Physical evidence
  • Copies of the traffic laws
  • Copies of any police reports that were done about the accident
  • Statements from any witnesses
  • Documents from the hospital
  • Models that were made to reconstruct the accident
  • Video and/or photographs of the accident and scene

Keep in mind, even if you have all of these, the other driver might try and dispute your claim. In that case, you want to make sure you get an experienced T-bone car crash lawyer in Los Angeles so you can have the best chance of winning.

How to Prove Fault in Court

In court, there are a few things that happen in order to prove that the at-fault driver was being negligent. Each of these is crucial to winning your claim. They are discussed more in-depth below.

Duty of Care

Duty of care means that the negligent driver had a duty to not harm the person who is suing them in court. All drivers have a duty to keep themselves and everyone else on the roads safe.

Breach of Duty

Once it’s established that the defendant had a duty of care, the person who is suing needs to prove that they didn’t uphold this duty. This can be done by presenting the evidence that was collected, such as the police reports, videos/photos, and hospital records.


If the person suing proves that the at-fault driver had a duty and didn’t uphold it, it doesn’t prove that they were responsible for causing it. They need to show actual documentation that the defendant caused the accident. The main way to do this is by showing how the accident actually happened. This is a great way for models to be used.


The person suing has to prove that the at-fault driver caused the injuries and property loss because just proving that they were responsible doesn’t mean that they caused these damages. With that being said, the person suing needs to prove that the person did cause the damages.

Trying for Compensation

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will give you the best chances of getting compensation. Not only are they well versed in the laws, but they have experience and they know how the system works. If you’re trying to go to court, you want to make sure you have good representation on your side and don’t try to do it alone!

As you can see, these types of accidents can be complex and difficult. Not only should you make sure you get the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles you can, but you want to make sure it’s an experienced T-bone accident attorney. This will give you the best chance of winning your case and coming out ahead. Being able to have a top car accident lawyer will help you prove your case and get the compensation you want.