Rear End Collisions in in Los Angeles

File a in Los Angeles Car Accident Lawsuit if You've Been Involved in a Rear-End Collision

Driving is a fundamental skill. It requires strong attention to detail. At any moment, the driver can encounter circumstances that might affect their driving. Rear-end accidents are considered as the front of one vehicle hitting the back of another. As any personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can tell a client, this type of accident is very common. Many issues arise in the aftermath of a rear-end collision. Sorting through these issues can be done much more easily with the help of a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Of all the many questions involving a rear-end collision, perhaps the most common is the question of fault. Fault is a huge concern for any type of car accident. Before our best accident attorney in Los Angeles can file a claim on your behalf, it is imperative to understand these circumstances and what they mean for all parties involved in any motor vehicle accident.

There may be multiple occasions when the lead driver can be considered at fault. Anyone who is seeking out a Los Angeles car accident lawsuit should be informed about who is possibly at fault and why. A driver can be held negligent or accused of driving recklessly under certain circumstances.

This may include someone who is driving under the influence. It can also include those who are deliberately trying to get hit as well as those who are driving with broken tail lights. Under these circumstances and certain other potential scenarios, it is possible for the driver in front to be held liable for any damages from an injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Determining Fault

Determining fault is very important when it comes to a collision. Working closely with a car wreck lawyer in Los Angeles can help you ascertain responsibility. It guarantees the negligent party will pay the damages caused by the accident. There are many ways to show that someone was at fault during the accident. For example, if a driver was texting behind the wheel, it could have a devastating impact. It only takes a few seconds to cause life-altering damages.

  • The same is true of other kinds of driving issues.
  • Distracted by using headphones while driving
  • Getting sidetracked talking to passengers on the road
  • Willingly not paying attention to the road or to other drivers
  • Speeding a few miles above the speed limit
  • Driving much more slowly than other cars in the area

Other Types of Fault

At Gutierrez Law, our dedicated auto accident attorney in Los Angeles will do anything to help our clients. It only takes one accident to have serious consequences. Additional examples include:

  • A lead driver can be at fault if they were pulling in front of another driver without warning. They can also be at fault if they were backing into that car and did not observe all necessary safety procedures.
  • Braking suddenly can also create problems. Drivers must allow enough space in front of their car at all times. This applies during conditions such as a sudden change in weather conditions, driving at night, and when there's traffic on the road that is engaged in fast stopping and then going again.
  •  It is also important to understand that anything that takes away a driver's attention can be considered at fault. This includes applying makeup, eating, watching a video, or even adjusting the air conditioning or seating in the car while it is moving.

A Highly Complicated Issue

On the surface, a rear-end collision may seem relatively simple. However, look more closely and many issues can arise. It might involve more than one car, driver, and victim. Under these circumstances, several people may file insurance claims. Sorting through the details can be difficult to do alone.

If you’re ready to consult with a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, give us a call as soon as possible. We can help them sift through the evidence and determine what happened and who can and should be charged with fault under California state driving laws. Having someone on your side during this issue can and will make a difference.