Swimming pool accidents are a common occurrence in Los Angeles. Many people who have been a victim of a swimming pool injury decide to hire a swimming pool injury lawyer. Drowning is the most common type of swimming pool accident. Ten people drown each day. If someone was not properly supervising the pool, then they can be held liable for it.

You need the help of a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles if you want to hold the lifeguard accountable. There are several cases where a lifeguard can be held liable for a pool accident or drowning.

Inattentive on the Clock
Lifeguards are supposed to be diligent at all times. Coaches and teachers who are at the pool are also supposed to provide a duty of care. Falling asleep on the job, looking at one’s phone and leaving the premises are examples of negligence that can lead to a pool accident.

Keep in mind that California has Good Samaritan laws that lifeguards have to abide by. That is why they can be held responsible for the drowning accident even if they are not on the clock.

Failing to React
Seconds really count when there is an emergency. If a lifeguard fails to react, then a person can die within minutes. A community pool accident attorney can analyze the situation and determine if anything could have been done differently. Lifeguards have to provide care in an emergency situation.

Inability to Use Training
Lifeguards receive a lot of training. If lifeguards fail to provide this training, then they can be held responsible. For example, there have been cases where a lifeguard froze and could not remember the training. However, it is important to note that if the person is an adult, then they have to give their consent before any care is administered. This may let the lifeguard off the hook in some cases.

Lack of CPR Knowledge
All lifeguards have to know how to do CPR. If lifeguards do not know CPR or they never received their certification to do so, then they can be held liable for accidents that occur.

Can a Third Party Be Held Liable?
There may be some cases where a third party can be held liable for the accidents. For example, the person who owns the pool may be held responsible for the injuries. You have to be able to prove that this person had a duty of care and failed to provide it. That is why it is important for you to hire a Los Angeles public pool injury attorney. Your attorney can provide you with the burden of proof that is needed.