The ride sharing trend has become popular because of the low cost of sharing rides and its ability to address environmental concerns on pollution and resource use. An estimated 12,000 drivers provide Uber services across 600 cities in the world. The peer-to-peer transportation is popular in urban areas such as Los Angeles where Uber and Lyft operate as the major providers of carpooling services. As carpooling popularity increases so do the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities for passengers who use such services.

As such, it’s prudent for all users of such services to have knowledge and insightful tips on how to handle themselves whenever they become victims of a road accident. Without taking the right steps a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle may miss the chance of getting their life back to normal. The passengers may miss to get a personal injury claim that they deserve or medical care and recovery that they will need after an injury.

Here are insightful tips that can help you get what you deserve whenever you get involved in an accident while sharing a ride.

Call Emergency Service Providers in Case of Serious Injuries
It’s possible not to feel pain after a shocking incident, which often leaves many victims numb. As such, you should check yourself to find out whether you’ve got some injuries. If there are any serious injuries you should reach out to emergency service providers or talk to passersby to assist you. You shouldn’t leave the scene because it’s against the law. You’ll need to stay put till the police arrive and make a statement if you don’t have any serious injuries.

Let the Police Take a Statement
Failure to call the police and document a statement or official report may make it hard for you to prove that the accident occurred. It may also be almost impossible to make any claims. You should thus ensure that you give the police comprehensive details of all events leading to the accident.

Get Appropriate Prompt Medical Care
It’s important to see a doctor right after an accident if you’ve sustained any serious or even minor injuries. Even if the injuries are minor there is a possibility of complications arising if you have some pre-existing conditions. As such, you should see a doctor immediately to avoid any future health complications.

Collect Accident Evidence When and Where You Can

When in shock and you’re hurt it may be difficult to set your mind on collecting accident evidence. But it’s important to collect and document accident details that can later get used in seeking compensation or making any relevant accident-related claims. You should take photos of the crash scene, your injuries, the car’s damage, and the placement of the vehicle/s involved in the accident. You should also get the involved drivers’ insurance information and contacts.

Inform Your Auto Insurance Company
In some no-fault states such as Pennsylvania, you may fail to get compensation if you get involved in an accident whether it’s your fault or not. In such cases, it’s your auto-insurance carrier that is responsible when it comes to compensation. As such, you need to notify your auto-insurance company about any accident. But you should avoid giving any information to the insurers of the ride sharing company unless you get a go-ahead from your ridesharing accident lawyer.

Hire a Ride-Sharing Accident Lawyer
If you’re in Los Angeles, then get a Los Angeles ride sharing accident lawyer who has the right know-how in handling auto accident claims. A Los Angeles ride sharing accident lawyer may not have handled many Uber or Lyft accident cases and claims because this kind of service is relatively new. But you should find a ride sharing accident attorney in Los Angeles who has lots of experience in handling car accidents.

A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles who has won many high-value cases has great insights on how to handle such accidents and you can get the highest possible claims by getting an ideal ride sharing accident attorney Los Angeles.

Final Thoughts
If you’re involved in a ride sharing accident, then you should stay on-site, check yourself, and record any accident evidence that is often needed by your personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. Thereafter, you should call emergency service providers and the police.

You should make a statement with the police and inform your insurance provider about the incident. Also, liaise with them to get an ideal ridesharing accident lawyer to handle any accident-related claims that may arise.