The Legal Options Open to the family of Cleusa Moraes Coffman, the Los Angeles Hit-and-Run Victim

When 72 year-old Cleusa Moraes Coffman took her pup for a walk in Newport Beach, little did she know that she had walked to her death, due to a hit-and-run accident perpetrated by repeat felon Ali Zohair Fakhreddine, 31. The culprit has been arrested twice before for driving under the influence of alcohol. She left behind two devastated sons, while the DA has announced criminal charges against him. Fakhreddine is being detained in Orange County Jail on a hefty $1 million bail. He faces charges for two prior DUI convictions and could get 19 years jail term to life; one in San Bernardino County, 2008 and another in 2015 in Orange County. This is not an isolated case, the family could file a lawsuit under personal injury or wrongful death compensation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury claim is therefore a legal lawsuit the injured person files. The plaintiff will file for physical, mental injuries or the two combined. They should register for official compensation against the person responsible for the accident; the defendant.

A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will support the plaintiff when filing for a personal injury claim. For a car accident lawsuit, in case the injury is fatal, our car accident lawyer Los Angeles offers the required legal assistance to family members in order to get them a befitting compensation.

Hit and run accidents fall under the category of personal injuries, and Coffman’s case falls under intentional acts- when a person deliberately injures another. By contacting a car accident attorney, the Coffmans could file a car accident lawsuit, since intentional offences include battery, assault, accidents resulting from careless driving or defamation leading to a person’s ruined reputation.

Wrongful Death Compensation

Coffman’s family could still claim the Los Angeles Wrongful Death compensation. In legal circles, wrongful death describes a death caused by the recklessness or negligence of another. A wrongful death lawyer will pursue monetary compensation for the emotional distress of a loved one, or compensate loss from the financial support that the deceased provided, and the settlement will also provide closure for the family. Among the most common lawsuits of wrongful death are those caused by criminal acts of violence, drunk driving, and medical malpractice among others.

The legal Services from a Personal Injury lawyer Los Angeles will help get past the daunting process that a personal injury claim usually is and the complicated legal services involved. It is advisable to get the help of a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles with enough experience in the Los Angeles courtrooms. They will peruse your options and rights, and mediate between the plaintiff and the court.