The parents of the 19-year-old young man who was killed in a road accident last year in England are suing the woman responsible. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed in a Virginia court against an American who is the wife of a United States intelligence officer.

Harry Dunn, who was riding a motorcycle at the time of the crash, died in August 2019. His parents, Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles, filed their lawsuit in Alexandria. In the complaint, they accused Anne Sacoolas of killing their son while he rode his motorcycle.

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Details of the Lawsuit

According to the complaint, which amounted to 19 pages, Sacoolas was driving her vehicle on the wrong side of the road and ended up hitting Harry head-on as he properly drove his motorcycle. It further claimed that she fled the scene of the accident, leaving Harry lying with devastating, catastrophic injuries that directly led to his death.

The lawsuit also names Sacoolas’ husband, Jonathan Sacoolas, and states that the woman left the scene and did not call an ambulance after the crash. Harry was left to suffer as he lay on the side of the road while conscious of his situation. He suffered multiple broken bones, open fractures and internal injuries and was unable to move. Eventually, he died from his injuries.

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What Happened After the Accident?

Although Sacoolas initially agreed to cooperate with British police after the accident, she ended up returning to the US instead. She claimed diplomatic immunity on account of her husband’s diplomat status.

However, Harry’s parents stated in their lawsuit that due to Sacoolas’ refusal to return to face them to resolve their wrongful death case, they brought it to her instead. They stated that she is not immune from being served with a lawsuit in the US and that she was directly responsible for their son’s injuries and subsequent death.

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Further Lawsuit Details

In addition, Dunn and Charles state in their lawsuit that the actions of Sacoolas continue to impact them and that they have experienced even more pain and suffering after she left and returned to the US. Their lawsuit also accuses her husband of vicarious liability due to his wife having operated a vehicle that was in his name during the time of the accident.

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed after British police had charged Sacoolas of being responsible for Harry’s death in December 2019. The police had also applied for her to be extradited to face the lawsuit, but the US rejected that.

An adviser to Dunn and Charles stated that his clients filed the lawsuit as a result of Sacoolas avoiding prosecution for over one year. He stated that a person does not get to kill someone and then walk away from it.

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