Unfortunately, school violence has become more common over time. More and more parents are finding themselves in the courtroom watching their children undergo charges for assault and battery. Understanding how school fights can end up in court is essential in protecting your children from ever ending up there. Not every school fight can end up with a court case. It really depends on the type of violence that occurred during the fight and the severity of the injuries that occurred. In cases where there are a great amount of violence or major injuries happen, the police will likely charge the perpetrator.

It’s important to realize that some school fights are just minor. A couple of kids getting in some minor scuffles aren’t a cause of concern for law enforcement professionals. When minimal injuries are incurred by a fight, it’s very unlikely that there will be a need for an arrest or an assault and battery lawyer Los Angeles.

In small scuffles, law enforcement will let the principal deal out the judgment for the students. However, with more severe cases where extreme violence and/or weapons were involved, law enforcement will arrest the culprits. If your child has been arrested for being involved in a school fight, it’s a good idea to hire an assault lawyer in Los Angeles to defend them.

If there is a large group that is involved in a school fight, it’s likely that there will be charges filed against some of those involved. This is due to the fact that group riots allow for more witnesses and tend to have more aggravating factors than your traditional school scuffle. If your child was injured during a riot at school, you should contact our team of Los Angeles assault lawyers to ensure they get damages for the injuries they obtained during the riot.

A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles should be the first person that you consult after you find out that your child has been injured at school due to a fight. Your lawyer will know the proper steps to proceed forward with your case. Since these fights involve children who are typically underage, they can be a bit tricky to maneuver depending on how the state charges them. A lawyer can assist you in weeding through the confusion to get the damages your child deserves.