Assault and Battery Attorney in Los Angeles

In a perfect society, everyone co-exists with one another peacefully. In reality, however, your safety and security might not be guaranteed. It’s no longer a strange thing to hear of assault and battery case that either resulted in serious bodily injuries or caused death.
If you or your loved one might be a victim of assault and battery, get in touch with our Los Angeles assault and battery attorney who will help you handle your case and receive just compensation for any damages or injuries caused.
If the defendant is convicted of criminal assault and battery, he/she might face prison time depending on the severity of the harm done. If the plaintiff wins the civil assault and battery lawsuit, you are best positioned to receive financial compensation from the defendant.
Recoverable Damages:
The California State law provides that an individual, or a group of people who are victims of assault and battery actions, might seek compensation for the following damages;

  • Physical/Bodily Injuries
  • Emotional Distress
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of a loved one or disability
  • Lost Wages
  • Punitive Damages
  • Future earning capacity loss
  • Medical Costs
  • Loss of Financial Support
  • Damages incurred on other personal physical properties

The O.J Simpson case serves as the best example of the assault and battery case. O.J Simpson was initially charged with murder, but after he was found not guilty of the charges, the prosecution managed to prove the civil assault and battery charges on him. He was ordered to pay the family of the victim millions of dollars in compensations.

What are assault and battery?
These two go together, but in reality, they are different concepts independent of each other. In most cases, they usually go hand in hand but not always.

Under the law, “Battery” involves touching someone knowingly in an offensive or harmful way. “Assault” is when someone knowingly places another party in fear and anxiety of an imminent battery. It can take many forms such as someone charging at you, waves a weapon at you, and threatens to hit you or make threats of touching you offensively.

Assault can also be when one party merely tells you that they are about to cause harm or injury towards you, or even offensively touch you. Sometimes sexual harassment escalates into a civil assault and battery lawsuit.

Other Liable Parties:
In some cases, it might not be possible for you to bring civil assault and battery lawsuit to the defendant as the police might not have caught him. In such a case, you can bring the civil assault and battery lawsuit to other parties. They include;

  • Attacker’s employer: You will have to prove that the attacker carried out the attacks on the company’s premises or used company properties.
  • The owner of the premises the attack happened or the one who controls it e.g. School compound.
  • The authority: Especially the police misconducts in not giving full criminal details of the attacker.

Just like any criminal charges, the State of California has a statute of limitation for assault and battery. If you or someone you know has been a victim of assault and battery, get in touch with our assault and battery lawyer in Los Angeles who will take your statement and ensure that your case is fairly handled.