It is common for people to love their dogs, But there is a liability that comes with owning a dog. Many American dog owners expose themselves to the risk of a lawsuit because of their dog biting someone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has compiled statistics that show over 884,000 Americans are bitten by someone’s pet annually. A dog bite lawyer Los Angeles can help as these bites are often severe enough to require medical attention.

Common Liability Claim
The most common liability claim with homeowners insurance policies are dog bites. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), it is estimated that the dog bite amount is almost a third of these types of claims. Insurance carriers have paid approximately half a billion dollars to cover these claims in a single year. The average cost per claim nationwide is over $27,860.

Homeowners Or Renters Insurance
If someone has a homeowners insurance policy, they could have some level of protection in the liability provisions of the standard policy. There are insurance policies that exclude certain breeds. A person who rents is not likely to have insurance like a homeowner. When a dog owner does have a renters policy, they may have enough insurance to cover most potential claims against them involving dog bite claims. Individuals who don’t have any form of liability insurance when their dog bites someone will need a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer. An unprotected individual could face a liability claim in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Dangerous Dog Breeds
Research was conducted to determine the most dangerous breeds. They are as follows:

*Pit bulls
*Fila Brasileiros
*Dogo Argentinos
*Presa Canarios
*Cane Corsos

How Much Insurance Is Necessary
General liability coverage in a homeowners as well as renters insurance policy usually provides sufficient protection. A homeowners insurance policy will often cover the value of a home. A liability cap may also be in place and it is best to check with an insurance agent to make sure of the amount. It is reasonable for a person with a dog that is medium-size to have $300,000 worth of coverage. Most renters and homeowners insurance policies provide their policyholders with the opportunity to purchase a dog bite liability rider.

Losing Home
Someone can lose their home as a result of their dog biting someone. This is very possible if someone doesn’t have sufficient insurance coverage in place to protect them and cover the liability associated with their dog biting someone. There have been cases where people have been driven to bankruptcy and had to give up their home. A Los Angeles dog bite lawyer representing a victim will do what is necessary to get money to pay for any treatments, reconstructive surgeries as well as missed school or work, and compensation for pain and suffering and more for their client.

It may be possible to file for bankruptcy to discharge dog bite liability. This won’t be possible if someone has a dog that has previously bitten people. If a dog is known for being aggressive, or if a person maliciously or deliberately caused their dog to bite someone, a judge may deny a bankruptcy discharge of dog bite liability.

A landlord may need a dog bite attorney Los Angeles to help them. They could be held responsible for injuries caused by a dog bite at one of their rental properties. This will happen if it is proven their negligence caused the dog bite to occur. If a landlord has a problem dog on their property, they have the legal authority to have the dog confined or removed.

Dog bites are always a possibility as well as the lawsuits that occur because of them. Renter and homeowners can expose themselves to risk from having a problem dog. A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will know how to obtain the best possible result in a case involving a dog bite.