The human brain is a powerful but also delicate organ. When the head sustains blunt force trauma or whiplash-like harm of any severity, there is always a risk of concussion—a traumatic brain injury in which the brain is shaken back and forth. This shaking motion can damage the tissue of the brain and its connections to the nervous system, sometimes quite seriously. Concussion injuries can result from incidents such as workplace accidents, contact sports, car accidents, and falls.

Symptoms of Concussion
Mild concussions might not result in immediate symptoms, but they can still result in lasting damage. Typical signs of a concussion include any of the following:

• Headaches and a sense of pressure in the head
• Confusion, fatigue, brief amnesia, and delayed reactions
• Seeing lights and hearing ringing
• Nausea or vomiting
• Dizziness or temporary loss of consciousness

Some symptoms can appear up to several days after the injury, including:

• Problems with focus, concentration, and memory
• Sensitivity to light, noise, tastes, or smells
• Trouble sleeping, irritability, or depression

Complications from Concussion
Concussions can have a broad range of secondary effects, some of which might require several weeks for full recovery. Some of the complications resulting from concussion can include persistent headaches, vertigo, lack of focus, and dizziness. If additional concussions are experienced, they can lead to lasting brain damage, the impairment of cognitive functioning, and potentially fatal brain swelling.

While there are some quick at-home tests that can help detect the presence of a concussion, any head injury should be examined and treated by a medical professional. To evaluate the severity of a concussion, a doctor will conduct a neurological examination and cognitive testing; patients exhibiting more aggressive symptoms may also be given CT or MRI exams.

Getting Help from a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney
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