After being injured due to a slip and fall accident, it is in your best interest to seek help from a slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles. If you try to represent yourself, you’re likely to make mistakes, and many of those mistakes will stay with you throughout the pendency of your claim or lawsuit. Even if the opposing insurer accepts liability, without an attorney representing you, that insurer will likely offer you much less than the true value of your case. Here’s how a quality personal injury lawyer Los Angeles can help you:

Establishing Negligence
In order to establish negligence, a quality Los Angeles slip and fall attorney must conduct a thorough investigation. He or she will then make a determination of exactly what happened. Your lawyer will also determine whether any federal, state or local laws were violated by the owner or occupier of the property where you fell. If a violation can be tied in as the direct and proximate cause of your fall, your case can potentially become stronger.

If the owner or manager of the property was negligent, you must still prove your damages. Your attorney will be able to determine and prove the damages that were caused. Those might consist of the following:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past lost earnings and earnings reasonably expected to be lost in the future
  • Any permanent disfigurement
  • Any permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Other substantial damages in the event of a wrongful death
  • Comparative Negligence

The most obvious partial defense to these types of cases is the allegation that if you had been more aware of your surroundings, your fall never would have happened. The owner of the property will then argue that any percentage of negligence that is attributable to you should be deducted from the gross proceeds of any award that you might receive.

Insurance companies aren’t in the business of simply giving money away to accident victims for slip and fall settlements. Sufficient evidence must be provided to compel them to settle. If you were seriously injured due to a slip and fall accident on another party’s property, contact our offices to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our goal is to maximize any settlement or award that you might receive.