Many of the accidents that occur today are caused by large trucks. In fact, it is estimated that 500,000 accidents are caused by commercial trucks. Authorities have put laws in place in order to deter accidents. However, truck accidents are still quite common. The following are the top causes of truck accidents.

Overworked drivers cause many truck accidents each year. Many truck drivers drive long distances and do not get a lot of rest. Trucking companies set strict deadlines that have to be met, which is why truck drivers may choose to meet their deadline instead of getting the proper amount of rest.

Drug and Alcohol Use
Many truck drivers have been caught using drugs and alcohol while they drive. People who use these substances become impaired. It is important to note that illegal drugs are not the only ones that can cause problems. There are many prescription drugs that can have the same effects as illegal drugs.

A Lack of Maintenance And Poor Driver Training
Drivers are supposed to complete the proper training before they are allowed on the road. However, many drivers do not adhere to these guidelines. That is why many drivers are inexperienced and poorly-trained.

Truck drivers are also supposed to make sure that their truck is in good condition before they hit the road. However, maintenance is often skipped because it takes time and money.

Many truck drivers go over the speed limit so that they can meet the deadline that has been set. Speeding slows down your reaction time. It is also harder to brake when you speed.

Distracted Driver
Drivers often get bored when they drive long distances. That is why they may text, get on social media or make phone calls. Distractions often lead to accidents.

Call Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorneys
Truck accidents are often caused by negligence. Your truck accident lawyer Los Angeles will review your case. The truck accident attorney Los Angeles can determine who can be held liable for the accident. A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles can also help you get compensated.