All of us have seen a hazard in a grocery store a time or two. Most of the time, these issues are marked by caution signs. Other times, they aren’t and some of us report the issues to an employee so no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, there are times when hazards aren’t taken care of before someone slips and falls.

Slip and fall settlements are some of the most common in personal injury law. That’s because victims are entitled to damages when the accident wasn’t their fault. To discover which damages are applicable to the injury case and to fight for monetary damages, an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall attorney is the key.

Top Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents
The following are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents:

1. Liquid and food spills
Items get knocked off of shelves, babies also throw down bottles and sippy cups that break open, and people eat while they shop and drop things. Perhaps a jar was dropped or a glass chocolate milk bottle was knocked into the floor. All of these are common hazards. If the mess isn’t quickly addressed, a customer can slip and fall.

2. Uneven flooring, torn carpet, and other flooring issues
There are a number of flooring hazards that can come about in a grocery store. A floor tile might be missing or a rug is torn. One issue is when a rug won’t lie flat on the floor, causing a trip hazard. If a warning isn’t posted or hazardous rugs removed or replaced, the grocery store could be held liable for injuries resulting from an accident.

3. Parking lot hazards
If a parking lot hazard, such as gaping cracks, holes, and uneven pavement cause a fall, there are multiple parties that could be held responsible. These parties include the grocery store or building owner and/or the people responsible for maintaining the parking lot.

4. Entrances
A certain degree of ongoing maintenance must be done around entryways, especially on days when the weather is bad. Water, snow, and ice can cause a slippery entrance. Floor mats that are flat to the floor can help avoid accidents, but a person can trip if the floor mat is raised in any way. Not having the proper precautions in place can lead to a liability issue that warrants talking to a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles injury victims trust with their futures.

5. Lack of warnings
Sometimes, it’s not possible for the grocery store staff to immediately remediate a hazard. They can, however, put up barriers or signs that properly warn the public to be cautious. Not posting these warnings or taking measures to keep customers out of hazardous areas can lead to a negligence claim if a fall occurs.

What to Do If You Fall in a Grocery Store
Even if you feel fine, it is important to get checked out at the emergency room so there is a record of the accident. Some injuries appear after the fact. The store manager must also be notified and you should take pictures of the area where you fell so that the conditions are documented. If there were witnesses, take their names and phone numbers. Once you have done all of this, talk to a slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles injury victims trust with their cases. This conversation could result in you obtaining monetary compensation for financial damages the accident caused.