Companies like Uber pride their success on the ability to provide safe, alternate transportation services to customers. Sometimes there is comfort in knowing that your ride can be requested within seconds after a night of drinking. In recent years, it has been found that Uber and Lyft have reduced the number of drunk-driving fatalities in the U.S. because of their accessibility and convenience.

Cities with a high rate of DUIs are normally the hub of public transportation ranging from taxis to buses. Sometimes public transportation availability and level of convenience can impact an individual’s decision to either limit alcohol consumption, plan an alternative way to get home, or risk their chances behind the wheel. Sadly, someone gets injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes from another driver’s negligence, resulting in life-threatening injuries or wrongful death. While requesting an Uber may be the best decision, not everyone makes this choice. Read on to learn more about the studies and the consequences of driving under the influence.

What Do the Studies Say?

Organizations like the International Drunk Driving Prevention Association are fighting to raise awareness of drunk driving. It only takes a BAC of 0.08% to manipulate a driver’s cognitive skills, causing:

  • Lapse in judgment
  • Slowed movement
  • Blurry vision
  • Additional symptoms that alter your thinking

Fortunately, with ridesharing being such a popular option to get around Southern California, it has become a lot easier for customers to request a ride at any time throughout the day or night. Uber and Lyft drivers undergo a thorough background check as a safety measure for their riders. Instead of endangering their lives, or the lives of others, they can entrust a certified rideshare driver. In a recent study conducted in New York, there was a 25-35% decrease in the number of drunk driving incidents compared to locations without ridesharing services. Similarly, Philadelphia’s Temple University report found mortality rates lowered by nearly 6% in cities they operated in.

However, there are two reasons why an individual may not want to request an Uber. As an individual’s judgment gets impaired, it is less likely they will make the conscious decision to avoid driving. Similarly, the cost of an Uber ride can deter an individual from booking a trip. While widely accessible across the state, the longer the distance the more you should expect to pay. Although no amount of money can make up for the frequent amount of deaths and life-threatening injuries that victims need a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles to recover from.

First Time DUI Penalties

If you are involved in a drunk driving accident in Los Angeles, the penalties depend on whether there was an accident with injuries, BAC level, and prior record of DUIs. Counties across California have a strict policy against drunk driving. With most of them ending up in conviction, you should be aware of first-time penalties:

Fines: ranging from $390 to $1,000, including additional fees (amounting to $3,600).

Driver’s license suspension: suspension for up to 6 months.

Jail: a jail sentence from 2 days to 6 months.

Probation: DUI probations for up to 3 years.

DUI classes: 3, 6, or 9 months of DUI classes.

Ignition interlock device: this breathalyzer device is required for 6 months.

Reach Out to A Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm

Uber and Lyft are not the only solutions to reducing drunk driving fatalities. But, they have helped significantly in recent years. Whether you were injured in a DUI accident, rideshare accident, or both you can trust the personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles of The Law Offices of Oscar H. Gutierrez to help you pursue compensation, and prevent forthcoming accidents from happening.