If you were involved in a car accident last night, last week, or last month and have sudden neck pain or stiffness chances are you are experiencing the impact of whiplash. Whiplash, unlike other severe injuries, is a delayed symptom injury. It occurs when your head violently and quickly thrash back and forth in a rapid motion. The force can be so extreme that it stretches the underlying muscles of your neck beyond their normal range of motion.

What most victims of rear-end accidents overlook is that whiplash can happen in a minor accident too, even when the driver is moving less than 10 miles per hour. Although there may not be warning signs, if this medical condition is left untreated it can have a devastating impact on surrounding tissues, nerves, and bones associated with your spine. To avoid the risk of permanent damage and disability, it is vital that you get checked by a medical professional immediately after the accident and months later if you experience any discomfort.

Here are five symptoms to look out for if you were in a car accident.

Experiencing A Stiff Neck

Experiencing a stiff neck is the first warning sign of whiplash. If you have difficulty turning your head, it indicates that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strained. Depending on the force of a rear-end accident, your spine may even be thrown out of alignment.

Headaches and Cognitive Concerns

You may experience a dull pain (headache) near the base of your skull, with a possibility to intensify over the next few days. Similarly, victims of rear-end accidents may also experience concussions as well. You may not lose consciousness immediately, but any time your brain undergoes trauma it can cause unexpected harm. A few symptoms to look out for are:

  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

When concussions or headaches are left untreated it can lead to fatal consequences such as seizures or death. If you are in the process of recovering damages against a defendant, make sure to bring this to the attention of your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. The damages you claim for compensation should reflect the injuries you are experiencing.

When Your Ears Ring

Do your ears ring? Tinnitus is a sign of nerve or brain damage that can occur after an accident. When your injuries worsen it can impair your ability to hear.

Inability to Chew and Swallow with Ease

If you experience whiplash your head and neck can hyperextend. Not only does it misalign your jaw, but also damage the soft tissue surrounding your neck. The last thing you want is severe pain when trying to eat or speak.

Your Body Hurts and Tingles

The last thing to be mindful of is unexplained tingling sensations and pain. Just as whiplash directly affects your head, it can wreak havoc on your cervical spine, and other parts of your body to cause the following medical issues:

  • Lower back pain
  • Impaired movement
  • Paralysis

If you are suffering from whiplash after an accident, or because of another injury make sure to seek emergency care immediately. Similarly, reach out to a lawyer that will fight aggressively to recover maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. At The Law Offices of Oscar H Gutierrez, we specialize in helping both English and Spanish-speaking clients who were injured due to someone else’s negligence.