Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries and Drowning

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While you may be considering the nice feeling of cool water on your skin during a hot day, a swimming pool can be a big liability for any homeowner. Summer slips around the pool and drownings can result in injuries ranging from mild to fatal. Any good personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will reveal that there are multiple causes for swimming pool injuries and drownings each year.

Causes Of Swimming Pool Injuries

If you take a second to really think about your pool and the injuries that can happen, it can get quite scary. While you may do your best to prevent injuries, sometimes they happen anyway. Here are the most common causes of swimming pool injuries that you and your LA swimming pool injury lawyer will likely face:

Drain Entrapment

Any Los Angeles swimming injury attorney can tell you that the drain of your pool can create a powerful level of suction. This can cause injuries, especially to younger children who don't have the strength to avoid the powerful suction of the drain. Common body parts like legs, arms, hair, and even a swimming suit can get stuck in the drain. This can lead to entrapment and drowning of the individual. This is why it's so important to have a safe drain cover installed on your pool drain.


Your swimming pool accident attorney knows that having a pool attracts a lot of attention. Before you know it, all the neighborhood kids are splashing around in your pool. This can cause overcrowding of the area and make it difficult for you to tell if there are children who are drowning. Before you realize what is happening, it could be too late to rescue them. 

Faulty Fences And/Or Gates

As a homeowner, having a fence and/or gate around their swimming pool is essential. This keeps unwanted children and pests out of your pool. It can also help to lower your homeowner's insurance rate. However, when your fence and/or gate is not functioning correctly, this can create mayhem. Suddenly, young kids that couldn't gain access to your pool now, are fully capable of entering through your gate as it isn't clasping properly.

Missing Depth Markers

If you have an underground pool, it likely is fairly deep at parts. Understanding the depth at each part of the pool is a necessity. This way, each individual can gain access to the pool and use portions of it that they're comfortable swimming in. If your depth markers are missing or highly faded, pool users may find themselves in too deep of water to handle. Your swimming pool injury lawyer in Los Angeles will highly advise that you check your depth markers on a regular basis and replace them as soon as they're no longer clearly visible to avoid a lawsuit.

Pools Not Installed To Code Requirements

Any Los Angeles swimming pool injury lawyer can reveal the fact that swimming pools constructed at residential properties must be designed up to the specs of local building codes. These codes are there to help ensure a pool isn't designed with perilous areas that can cause injuries or fatality to swimmers. You should talk with your pool designer about making sure you meet code requirements before having your new pool constructed. This will save you a big liability headache later down the road if there is an incident at your home pool.

Poorly Lit Pools

While it does stay light for longer in the long summer days, it's very easy to find yourself and others still in the pool as the hours of darkness settle in. Installing lighting around your pool can help swimmers to safely navigate the outer area and walkways of your pool. When you have poorly lit areas around your pool or you don't have lights at all, this could wreak havoc on the safety of you and your fellow swimmers. It's very easy to trip over a filter that pops up or on a hidden object laying on the side of the pool.

Murky Water

Chlorine is used in all public pools to keep the water safe for use and to keep it clean for the safety of users. If you notice that your residential pool has taken on a murky tint, then you need to remedy the problem before you allow swimmers in it. Murky water can make it difficult for swimmers to navigate around. It can also make it nearly impossible for those on safety duty to see people having issues, such as drowning.

Inattentive Lifeguards

One cause that you may not want to think about at a public swimming pool is an inattentive lifeguard. However, this does happen. With the technology available today, it's easy for a lifeguard on duty to get lost reading emails or watching a video on their phone for minutes at a time. Any expert swimming pool accident attorney will tell you that it only takes a few seconds for drowning or injury to occur to a patron. The same goes for residential swimming pools. As an adult, you'll need to pay close attention to the children that use your pool. It only takes one trip into the house for a child to get injured or drown in your pool.

As the hot summer months roll around, people are pulling their swimming suits out of the back of their closets. It's finally time to enjoy the peacefulness and comfort of wading around in the swimming pool. However, this brings to light the possibilities of injuries that can occur when using swimming pools. Regardless of whether you're going to be hanging out at your own backyard swimming pool or you're headed off to the public pool, you need to be knowledgeable about safety measures to prevent injuries and drownings. No one wants to experience one of these terrifying instances when it could've been easily avoided.