What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

It’s hard to imagine, but each year, thousands of pedestrians are involved in accidents involving a vehicle of some kind, according to case records of Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers. Even though there are street signs and sidewalks all over the place to help keep pedestrian safe, accidents still happen. The reasons for all these pedestrian accidents vary. Sometimes the driver of a vehicle just doesn’t see the pedestrian for one reason or another. Sometimes the pedestrian lights at an intersection malfunction, making it appear as if it’s safe to cross when it isn’t. Other times there may be some freak concurrence of events, like a roadside curb crumbles beneath a pedestrian’s foot, pitching them into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers say that there are so many different reasons why a pedestrian might be involved in a vehicle accident. If this happens to you, here’s what to do:

  1. Remain Calm
    If you’re hit by a car, your first instinct might be to lash out at the driver to let them know just what you think of their driving skills, but this doesn’t help anyone. The driver is just as likely to lash back at you to let you know what they think of your walking skills. It’s a no-win scenario. Instead, remain calm. If you can, move yourself out of the street. Better yet, have someone help you to get out of the street. Chances are that you’re so disoriented and in shock that you won’t even know which way to go. The pedestrian accident attorneys Los Angeles residents trust recommend that you stay calm and allow yourself to be helped off the road by a kind passerby until medical help can arrive.
  2. Don’t Let the Driver Leave
    Let whoever is helping you know that they shouldn’t allow the driver to leave the scene of an accident. According to the pedestrian accident attorneys Los Angeles residents use, leaving the scene of an accident is not only illegal; it will complicate matters tremendously. The driver needs to be detained until the authorities have time to arrive and question the driver. The driver will have to show their license and registration as well as proof of auto insurance. You’ll be given access to all this information through the police report. Make sure that the driver isn’t able to leave before the police arrive and have a chance to get the driver’s information and statement. Chances are, you’ll have to enlist someone’s help at the scene to make sure the driver stays.
  3. Only Talk to the Police
    It’s best not to engage with the driver as the pedestrian accident lawyers Los Angeles residents use recommend. To do so may incite anger or even violence. Getting hit by a vehicle is hard on you, but the driver may be in a terrible state as well. They may feel frightened or worried about what’s going to happen to them. For these reasons, it’s best that you and the driver only give statements to the police, not to each other. Also, avoid talking to passerby about what happened. In all cases, don’t place blame or accept blame for any part of the accident, as the pedestrian accident lawyers Los Angeles residents use always recommend.
  4. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney
    You’re definitely going to want to have legal representation to help you get justice for the pedestrian accident. As soon as you can, contact a personal injury attorney Los Angeles residents recommend and let them know what happened. A benefit to doing this right away is that they’ll be able to help advise you as to what you should do and what you shouldn’t do next.
  5. See a Doctor
    Finally, you need to go to see a doctor about your injuries. Being in a pedestrian accident is very traumatic. At the time of accident, you may not notice that you’re injured, due to the adrenalin flowing through your body. Adrenalin helps protect you from feeling pain. After you’re more relaxed, you’ll likely feel extreme discomfort from the fall itself, as well as intense pain if you’ve sustained serious injury such as concussion, gashes, bruises, breaks and so forth. All of these kinds of injuries need to be treated by a doctor. Another reason to see a doctor is so you can get a professional, written report of your injuries. This report may prove useful in your personal injury case. Your personal injury attorney can also help you to acquire a doctor’s report if you aren’t sure how to.

One thing is for sure, of all the steps above, the most important one is to talk to a personal injury attorney Los Angeles residents use all the time for such cases. Being in a pedestrian accident likely caused you a lot of injury, and medical care is expensive. In order that you get the compensation you deserve to have your medical bills taken care of as well as any other damages, you need an attorney who specializes in these types of cases.