Motorcycle Safety

Los Angeles, California is one of the best places to ride a motorcycle. One of the great advantages of riding is the ease with which one can avoid traffic jams and find places to park. The disadvantage is the vulnerability to injury in the event of a collision.

Few motorcyclists walk away from an accident. Whether you collide with a motor vehicle or fall off your bike because of an awkward, aggressive, or illegal move by another motorist you are more likely than not to end up in the hospital. That is why you should do everything that you can to avoid an accident from taking place.

The Best Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are a few best practices that will help you avoid an accident:

  1. Get a license

All states require motorcycle riders to possess a license for this type of vehicle. You must take and pass a motorcycle driver’s license test even if you have one for an automobile. In most states, the test consists of a written exam and a road test. You may also need to take a rider safety and education course. You should find out the exact requirements in your state before you get on the road.

  1. Get a feel for your bike

If you are new to motorcycle riding, you should get a feel for how it handles and responds to your motions. This is best done by riding in a controlled area—a place that is relatively unpopulated and free of traffic. You should also practice riding in a variety of weather conditions, as you will determine how your bike manages in wet or icy conditions.

  1. Carry out basic checks

Always check your motorcycle’s tire pressure, brakes, light signals, and fluid levels before you get on the road. You should be especially watchful for discrepancies such as gas or liquid leaks.

  1. Prepare passengers

If you are bringing someone with you, they should mount the bike after you have started the engine and sit as far forward as possible. Passengers should always be mounted directly behind you; never in front. Always brief your passengers before you hit the road. Inform them that they should keep legs and feet away from the muffler. They must also maintain a firm grip on your waist, hips, or belt, and make minimal movements.

  1. Wear safety gear

Always wear a motorcycle crash helmet. Your footwear should be high enough to cover your ankles. Similarly to choosing the right footwear, gloves can improve your grip on the handlebars. You should also get into the habit of wearing a reflective vest, especially in foggy conditions. Ensure it is packed, in case you must unexpectedly ride at night.

  1. Drive safely

Know local traffic laws and obey them. You are in the most vulnerable position of anyone on the road, and you cannot afford to take risks. You should ride with the flow of traffic and leave plenty of space between your bike and other vehicles. You should also stay within boundary lane markings and obey all traffic lights and signs. In other words, ride to survive.

  1. Do not take drugs or alcohol before riding

Never drink alcohol or take any narcotic substance before riding. Doing so will impair your mind and slow your response time. If you are in an accident, the last thing you want is for the police to find traces of alcohol or drugs in your system.

If You Are Injured in an Accident

Even if you follow these safety tips, you may still find yourself in an accident. If the crash is due to the carelessness and negligence of the other driver, then you can make a claim against them. You should hire the best bike accident attorney to do so. Most legal professionals have deep insight into this area of tort law and know how to leverage the law to their clients benefit.

Motorbike accident lawyers in Los Angeles possess the qualifications, training, and experience to make your case against the person who caused the accident. If you have been seriously injured, the right attorney will go beyond the police report; they will get to the bottom of what caused the collision and use all the facts surrounding it to press the insurance company of the responsible party to give you adequate compensation.

If the crash requires you to undergo extensive and expensive medical treatment, the person responsible for putting you in such a state should be held accountable. Ride accident lawyers know how to make this happen.

As you recover from your injuries, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. They will present you with a range of options to claim damages against the person whose recklessness has caused you so much suffering. Your legal counsel should be your advocate and work tirelessly to get you justice.