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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1.1 million burn injuries occur each year. Of them, 50,000 required hospitalization, 20,000 victims had severe burns, and nearly 5,000 died. Not all fires and chemical burns can be prevented. Toxic chemicals can be deadly when they get on your skin, inhaled, or swallowed. Chemical injuries can take an emotional and physical toll on burn victims, leaving scars and possibly require long-term treatment. At the Law Offices of Oscar H. Gutierrez, the type and severity of each case vary per client. But you can entrust our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer to fight on your behalf as you recover when this traumatic accident happens. Read on to learn more about burn injuries and when to take legal action if someone is responsible for your damages.

Chemical Burn Symptoms

Unlike thermal burns, chemicals tend to damage skin tissue until it is washed away. A caustic burn is not always easy to identify. Depending on the acid or base, you might experience immediate or gradual damages to your body tissue as you would from a regular burn. A common mistake a victim might make is overlooking the injury if he/she was unsure about chemical exposure. Always take precautions and look out for the following symptoms:

  • Immediate inflammation
  • Pain or numbness
  • Black, blistered skin
  • Blurred vision or other complications
  • Lightheadedness or shallow breathing after inhaling
  • Seizures, irregular heartbeat, coughing if consumed
  • In fatal cases: heart attack and death

How to Respond to Different Chemical Burns

When it comes to establishing a burn accident injury claim, it is best to know what type of chemical burn you have experienced, how to keep the injuries at bay, and when to contact a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

While treating, you must avoid spreading the chemical. Make sure to wear protective gear, like gloves or masks to prevent further damage by touching other areas of your body. If you were hurt in a burn accident due to someone else's negligence, we understand it can be challenging to think about filing a claim at that moment. Instead, seek immediate medical attention for your burn.

An official medical record and report carry weight in court by a burn injury attorney in LA. First responders may ask about the substance you were exposed to, like a bad car battery or defective product. They might be able to address how long it will take to recover. Below, we list how to treat chemical burns, chemical inhalation, and eye irritation.

Treating A Chemical Burn on Your Body

  1. Remove any clothing or accessories that touched the chemical.
  2. For dry chemical powder: brush off particles.
  3. For wet chemicals: dab the affected area with an absorbent towel.
  4. Throw out any cleaning materials.
  5. Rinse the affected area (10 minutes).
  6. Wrap the affected area with gauze and seek medical attention.

Treating Chemical Inhalation

  1. Remove yourself from the source of exposure.
  2. Try to remain calm as experts clear the area.
  3. Be sure to identify the chemical and look out for any symptoms.
  4. Seek emergency treatment for a professional evaluation and medical care.

Treating Chemical Eye Burns

  1. Call for assistance from a bystander and request someone call 911 if you are unable to.
  2. Use fresh water to flush the harmful substance from your eyes immediately to restore the natural pH balance.
  3. Cover the non-affected eye as the water drains from your eye to prevent cross-contamination.
  4. Your doctor might recommend using eye drops to lubricate and protect from further infection and pain relief. Severe cases might require eye surgery.

Treatment for Swallowing a Chemical Substance

  1. Any time a toxic chemical gets swallowed there is a risk for internal injury or wrongful death. This is common in a lot of child injury Call poison control immediately and dial 911.
  2. If you notify poison control, they can advise and guide you through the process.
  3. Inform all specialists about the name of the chemical and the amount swallowed.
  4. Avoid trying to induce vomiting unless instructed to do so.

Making a Claim for Burn Injuries

In California, you have two years to file a claim and pursue compensation for personal injuries. That means you have a limited window to act from the day you sustained the injury or became aware of the wounds. A Los Angeles chemical injury lawyer can help you establish a strong foundation for your case. There are several factors to include within your claim. The evidence should prove how you were injured and how the defendant’s actions caused life-threatening burns or exposure.

If you plan on meeting with a legal professional, you should prepare the following materials:

  • Have documentation of medical records related to your injury. The longer you wait for medical treatment, it will be harder to establish a strong case.
  • Photographic evidence of your wounds. The legal process is not immediate, and it will support your case in trial.
  • Keep a record of your pain, suffering, and worsening injuries. Write about how the injury has impacted your life to help your personal injury lawyer in LA put together a legal strategy.
  • Work with your doctors to establish a recovery plan. You might need rehabilitative treatments or follow-up appointments to treat the chemical burn.

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