What Happens Immediately After a Brain Injury?

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when brain tissue is damaged due to a blow to the head that can result from a car accident, assault, slip and fall, and other unfortunate circumstances.

A closed head injury happens internally, such as a blow to the head that causes the head to whip back and forth or from side to side, causing the brain to collide with the skull. As a result, it can leave victims with bruised brain tissue and can tear blood vessels. Often times, the specific areas of the brain that are affected are the frontal and temporal lobes. The damage can be detected through an MRI or CAT scan.

A closed head injury is very dangerous since the quick movement of the brain can stretch and injure neuronal axons, which are long, threadlike arms of nerve cells that link cells to each other, along with the rest of the body. This can result in interrupting functional communication within the many brain regions and other body parts. It can be difficult to detect this type of injury through an MRI or CAT scan; however, it is very noticeable based on one’s ability to function.

After a person has sustained a closed head injury, damage can occur in specific areas of the brain due to bruising and bleeding, along with stretched or destroyed axons throughout the brain. Consequently, this can seriously affect one’s ability to properly function, which is determined by the severity of damage to the head.

On the other hand, an open head injury, which is another classification of TBI, occurs when the skull is penetrated. These types of injuries are typically focal and have the potential to be just as severe as closed head injuries. An open head injury can be caused by a bullet or other objects that can penetrate the skull.

Immediately After a TBI
After a TBI has occurred, the brain tissue reacts to the trauma along with biochemical and physiological responses. This can result in serious damage, such as destroyed brain cells, which is called secondary cell death. In addition, an individual’s functioning capabilities are impacted. If someone has been severely injured, his or her loss of consciousness (LOC) is affected and can last minutes, hours, weeks, or even months. If a person experiences a long LOC, then he or she is considered to be in a coma.

What Determines the Severity of the Injury?
The severity of the injury is determined by the level of brain tissue that has been damaged. Keep in mind that brain tissue cannot be measured directly, rather, it is estimated based on the duration of loss of consciousness (LOC) and degree of coma.

In order for a doctor to assess a patient’s depth of coma, it is often measured by the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). The GCS measures the functioning of the following: eye opening, motor response, and verbal response.

As for the severity of one’s injury, it is classified by three levels, which are mild, moderate, and severe.

How Long is Recovery?
Depending on the severity of one’s injury, it all ranges. For example, someone who is recovering from a moderate or severe injury may take a lot longer to recover, as there are several stages of recovery. However, it can take up to several months to years for a patient to recover from a moderate to severe TBI. It is important to know that each case is very unique, so it also depends on the individual.

On the other hand, a brain injury victim can quickly and completely recover from a mild injury. However, it is possible that the victim may experience serious challenges many years after the injury. Again, it does vary by individual, though.

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