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The link between dog bites and human injuries is undeniable, and it can be deadly. However, not all cases involving dog bite injuries are created equal. Not all bite cases result in severe injuries, and some involve minor, significant injuries that are treatable and recoverable.

Dog bites frequently happen because of the owner's poor training methods or lack of supervision, resulting in the dog biting someone even when summoned or restrained. Individuals who are victims of a dog bite must report the incident within three days to their local animal control department.

On May 18, 1984, California Governor George Deukmejian signed the Dog Bite Victims' Compensation Act. Assemblyman Richard Polanco introduced the act. It allows the victim of a dog attack to sue the owner of the biting animal.

Dog Bites and Infections

Being bitten by a dog usually results in skin irritation or swelling, but it is also possible for the injury to include septic infection or infection of other internal organs. Occasionally, the bite wound may cause severe damage to the victim's flesh and muscle tissue. Such incidents occur in cases involving a dog that has never been trained or trained poorly and unsupervised.

What Happens if a Dog Bite Gets Infected

The most common infection caused by a dog bite is a bacterial infection. An infection such as Staphylococcus can develop within twenty-four hours after the victim has been bitten by an animal and cause severe swelling and pain. Some victims get treated for severe complications, including infections, tetanus, rabies, or death.

Dog Bite Lawsuits

In court, cases about dog bites are very tricky. The victim of an animal attack needs to report it to the local authorities and file a police report. The evidence acquired can be used later on to prove that the attack was genuinely unprovoked, and that the owner did not do enough to prevent it from happening.

A case involving a victim with an infected wound can be complicated, especially if they have to undergo a series of surgeries to have the wound treated. A personal injury lawyer will consult with the medical expert on the proper course of action.

A dog bite lawyer will need to work with a medical expert to collect evidence and determine if the attack was provoked or unprovoked. Gutierrez Injury Attorneys in Roseville, California, have dog bite lawyers who are highly experienced in dog bite cases. They ensure their clients obtain compensation.

Dog bite injuries can range from severe to minor, depending on the dog's size, behavior, and training. Dog owners are responsible for their pet's actions, and any victim of a dog attack should file a police report. The evidence found can be used later on to prove that the animal's owner did not do enough to prevent it from attacking someone else.

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