Construction Accident Attorney for Victims of Fire and Explosion Injuries

Fire and explosion accidents are among several dangers construction workers face on the job. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) recorded approximately 361 construction site fatalities over 11 years. And this is unfortunately one of many fire-related cases that comes across the desk of a construction accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Workplace Explosions
It only takes one accidental movement or action to set a construction site on fire or cause an explosion. Combustible dust is the primary factor. For instance, it’s not uncommon for the dust to settle on a flat surface while you work. As you move around, the dust might form a cloud. A spark can ignite and demolish an entire construction site depending on how far the dust has spread.
Electrical hazards and hot environments can also trigger this type of accident and increase your chances of suffering from severe injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to report any violations or unsafe practices. Most construction managers work closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create safe working conditions for their crew. A personal injury lawyer would investigate their involvement to rule out if negligence contributed to your injury.

Construction Site Hazards
Most construction site fires and explosions are caused by unsafe practices, including:

  • Welding, burning, or torching near flammable materials
  • Leaving wires exposed, overloading outlets, or working with faulty wiring
  • Installing defective “hot work equipment” like a furnace when it poses a liability risk
  • Improperly storing flammable liquids and chemicals
  • Working near explosives and blasting agents
  • Accidental damages to a compressed gas cylinder

According to OSHA, chemical explosions, pressurized explosions and fires are the leading cause of construction accidents and deaths.

What To Do After a Workplace Explosion

  • The first thing to do after an accident is to free yourself from falling and nearby debris. Try to leave the premises as soon as you can. If you’re unable, cover your nose and mouth from dust and toxins.
  • Once you leave the site, call 911 and report the injury. Under these circumstances it’s unlikely that you will file an accident report until you’ve received proper medical treatment.
  • Always visit a doctor even if you feel fine. Smoke inhalation, skull fractures, spinal injuries, burns, and lost hearing from a construction explosion are common injuries to look out for.
  • Reach out to a personal injury attorney before you file a workers’ compensation claim. Once it’s submitted, you lose the right to sue your employer if their negligence caused your injury.

Can You Sue After a Workers’ Comp Settlement?
An attorney for construction accident injuries at Gutierrez Law knows how devastating and traumatic it can be. Workers’ compensation is not meant to cover severe to life-threatening injuries from an explosion. You’re likely to end up with high out-of-pocket expenses. If you feel the accident resulted from a defective product, third-party organization, or because a co-worker failed to use reasonable care we can discuss other legal options, as you may be entitled to sue for other damages.

OSHA Guidelines – Understanding Violations
Construction workers have a right to know potential hazards and violations they could face at work. You should be aware of these OSHA regulations:

Fire protection programs: employers must go over the various construction phases, including demolition and review fire protection.

OSHA mandates a distance rule for heaters: If you plan to use a heater, keep it 10 feet away from combustible items or substances.

Flammable liquids: Construction crews should only use approved tanks or containers to store and transport flammable liquids.

Use of Explosives: Only authorized and qualified workers are allowed to handle explosives for a construction job.

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