Injured In A Bus Accident? Here’s How To Determine Who Was Responsible
Though not as common as accidents involving standard vehicles, bus accidents happen on a regular basis and cause serious injuries to victims. In fact, the U.S. sees almost 300 people die annually in bus accidents, with another 25,000 seriously injured. When determining responsibility for the accident, the situation can get confusing. Thus, hire a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles victims trust from Gutierrez Law who have experience handling bus accident cases.

Public Transportation
When bus accident injuries occur on public transportation, government immunity may make it difficult for victims to sue the municipality operating the bus system. However, many state laws do allow victims to file claims in these cases, although the amount of damages may be limited by the laws. To get the most compensation possible, hire a Los Angeles bus accident attorney who can negotiate the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Commercial Bus Lines
If you are injured on a commercial bus line such as Greyhound, these companies are not protected by government immunity. Thus, you are allowed to work with a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company. In most of these situations, driver negligence is the cause of the accident, so it is important to work with bus accident lawyers Los Angeles victims know will fight hard to get the most compensation possible in these circumstances.

School Bus Accidents
Unfortunately, many children are seriously injured or die each year in school bus accidents. These accidents can get tricky as far as who was responsible, since some school districts operate their own buses while others contract the service to outside companies. Because government immunity may again be an issue in these accidents, having legal representation from a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles residents know has experience in handling and winning such cases will be crucial to your success in winning a lawsuit.

Accidents Caused by a Motorist
While most bus accidents are attributed to negligence from the bus driver, many of these accidents do occur due to the fault of another motorist. When these accidents take place, anyone injured may be able to hire a Los Angeles bus accident attorney and file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist. However, when multiple people are injured in an accident, the at-fault motorist’s insurance policy will only pay out damages up to the policy’s limit. To ensure you get the compensation you deserve, you can have your Los Angeles bus accident lawyer file a claim against the bus operator’s insurance company or even with your own insurance company.

Since you probably suffered serious injuries in your bus accident and are now dealing with a never-ending stream of medical bills, you need as much compensation as possible to pay your bills, replace your lost income, and help you deal with the daily pain and suffering you are now experiencing. To work with attorneys who truly care about you and your situation, consult soon with bus accident lawyers Los Angeles trusts from Gutierrez Law.