Passengers who frequently ride the bus should feel safe from the moment they step on to the moment they get off. They entrust that the driver will follow safety rules and regulations for their well-being. Although many abide by the rules, thousands of bus crashes still happen in the U.S. annually.

Commercial bus accidents are often complex, as there is more than one person that can be held liable for damages caused. As one of many victims, there are important steps you should follow to protect your legal rights. We walk you through three essential steps that can help your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles build a strong case for maximum compensation.

(1)  Call the Police!
Although the accident was outside of your control, you should call the police if the moment permits. Normally, the bus driver is responsible for contacting emergency services to file an official report. If the driver is unable to after getting injured or refuses to do not hesitate to do so on their behalf. Public bus transportation is financed on a federal, state, or local level – this means an official report plays a critical role in the outcome of your case.

(2)  Document the Accident.
If you were injured seeking medical attention should be one of your first priorities. Additionally, capturing photographs of the scene will create stronger evidence compared to your verbal testimony. For any motor vehicle accident, photos can be used to:

  • Determine the facts.
  • Preserve details.
  • Help you reconstruct the events that took place or led to the accident.
  • Establish liability.
  • Show the severity of your injuries.

When it is safe to move around the bus, start capturing photographic evidence of your injuries moments after the accident. It will be used to justify compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and recovery. Next, if the moment allows, take close-up pictures and videos of the collision. Try to capture everything as is because the positions will help your bus accident lawyer, insurance companies and insurance adjusters determine how the accident took place. As a passenger, you are not required to take matters into your hands. Simply recovering evidence is for your benefit.

(3)  Retain a Lawyer to Advocate for Your Rights
Contact a law firm with a strong record of success in representing victims with minor to severe bus accident injuries. At The Law Offices of Oscar H. Gutierrez, our legal team specializes in helping those who were injured due to the negligence of another. We are also experienced with handling aggressive insurance companies and making sure a proper settlement is reached to fully pay for your medical bills.

Unfortunately, bus companies have a strong legal defense as well. Investigators will be at the scene within hours to gather enough evidence to refute claims or provide limited compensation to victims. As a public entity, all injured persons must act immediately before losing their rights to file a claim for damages. Retain legal professionals that you can trust.