Per the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration our highways and freeways can expect to see as many as 2,000,000 tractor trailers and 18-wheelers and semis driving at anytime. While there are strict regulations on a state and federal level regulating this industry, there can sometimes be a great deal of negligence in the trucking industry as a whole. The vast majority are directly attributed to human error rather than other uncontrollable factors.

If you’ve been in a trucking related accident you are most likely entitled to compensation. We have years of experience in representing clients on a contingency basis for these types of accidents. You might be entitled to compensation but don’t even know where to begin. We’ll gladly schedule a free consultation and we can discuss the different categories of trucking accidents in more detail, especially as it pertains to your recent injury.

Common Accident Types

Accidents that occur between this large freight trucks and smaller personal vehicles on the road actually quite common. Needless to say it’s generally the one in the smaller vehicle who suffers must. In just the year 2012 we witnessed 214 deaths related to these accidents in one state alone. Of those deaths 185 we’re driving the smaller vehicle. These types of accidents that can cause death or serious debilitating injuries are made up several smaller categories:

  1. Rollovers – Rollovers occur as one of the most common accident types among these categories, and can sometimes be the most deadly for both drivers involved. Some factors that are said to cause these tragic accidents might include steep spots on the road, driving at an acessive speed, and loads that are top heavy or overloaded. In some cases jackknives can further lead to rollovers as well.
  2. Jackknives – In some cases a tractor trailer may have its brakes lock up. This can cause the trailer to skid and swing at an angle away from the cab, leading to disaster.
  3. Rear-Ends and Under-rides – These types of collisions can occur due to complications in completing turns and stopping completely. Because of this in some cases excess speed can cause an accident. This usually involves a rear end collision by either vehicle or in some cases when the smaller vehicle slides under the truck.
  4. Head-On and Slides-Research indicates that most accidents involving these large trucks and smaller vehicles occur in divided two-lane highway more than other location. These can happen if a driver carelessly changes or lanes or slides into the other’s lane without realizing it. Excessive speed is also often a contributing factor.
  5. Runaway Trucks-Runaways can occur when a truck’s brakes malfunction and therefore the driver fails to stop on time. On steep inclines, especially, these can lead to multiple cars becoming involved and even nightmarish pile-ups.
  6. Lost Cargo Loads-As the name describes this when a truck loses its cargo. This is generally because the load is not properly or sufficiently secured. These falling and rolling object then cause an accident as they slide onto the road. Overloaded trucks can also cause a truck to lose its proper center of gravity and result in poor and uncontrollable steering. This is often a contributing cause to rollovers as well.

Dealing with Compensation and Insurance

If you find yourself the victim of one of these accidents on the road we are with attorneys that can help and you can trust. Your accident may have been caused by negligence in the truck driver or by faulty equipment, and they may be subject to product liability. In any case we’re here to help. Make sure that you contact an attorney before speaking with any insurance representatives, who remember are at risk of losing a lot of money due to liability and will most likely putting their own interests above yours. We will aggressively represent YOU in making sure you are justly compensated not just for medical  expenses but additionally for lost wages, pain and suffering, and anything else you may be entitled to in your case.

Schedule a Consultation

Our professional and reliable attorney proudly boast years of experience in representing clients involved in trucking accidents. We know the ins and outs various insurance laws and exceptions and well versed in a diverse array of auto accident cases. We can schedule a free consultation at no charge to explore your options going forward as work directly with you to review your case represent you accordingly.