In June 2020, a 75-year old man who was peacefully protesting in Buffalo, New York for the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May, suffered serious injuries after a police officer shoved him. Martin Gugino, a lifelong activist, suffered a brain injury after the incident. After an officer pushed him, he fell to the ground where blood leaked from his ear.

Police Brutality and Brain Injury
According to Mr. Gugino’s attorney, Kelly Zarcone, the 75-year-old was hospitalized following the incident that took place after the peaceful protest. Sadly, she revealed that he suffered a brain injury as a result. However, he is now undergoing physical therapy as part of his recovery.

Zarcone also reported that Mr. Gugino is aware of his injuries but is grateful and touched by all of the support he has received from people all over the world. She added that her client is looking forward to recovering and finding out what his life may involve moving forward.

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What Took Place During the Incident?
Video footage went viral after the incident. Gugino approached police officers and one gave him a hard shove, causing him to stumble and fall backward. He had been protesting for racial justice at Buffalo’s City Hall shortly after the 8 PM curfew that was instituted in June. As Gugino lay bleeding, one officer started to make his way to seemingly help, but he was stopped by another. The police officers then walked away, leaving Gugino on the ground as blood pooled around his head.

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What Happened Afterward?
After the incident, Mayor Byron Brown reported that EMTs arrived at the scene and administered first aid to Gugino. There were witness accounts of what occurred as well. Many people were outraged by the incident as the protest was peaceful. It was also revealed that Gugino was also receiving cancer treatment prior to suffering the brain injury.

After backlash from the public and the viewing of the video footage, two Buffalo police officers were suspended without pay and charged with assault in the second degree. The officers pled not guilty. Fifty-seven members of the department’s Emergency Response team subsequently quit.

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