There’s nothing that weighs on you more than a bad accident. In the event that it happens, the best thing you can do is turn to a personal injury attorney to examine the damaged vehicles. There’s a lot to consider – especially during the early stages of a personal injury lawsuit.

At Gutierrez Law, we do more than evaluate the damaged automobile. Part of the process lies interviewing multiple witnesses, obtaining medical records, and official police reports. Only then can we examine the costs of medical services, estimate the prices of repairs, and request substantial compensation.

Inspecting the Damaged Vehicles and Examining the Position of Each Automobile

Once an expert evaluates a damaged automobile, the specialist can inspect a damaged bumper, the alignment of the wheels, the doors of the vehicle and the quarter panel of the automobile. The specialist may estimate the speed of each vehicle, examine the alignment of the automobiles and determine the cause of the accident. Photographic evidence is a prime way of showing how the incident ensured, with context from traffic signs, lanes, or the contour of the road.

Contacting the Witnesses

After bystanders observe car accidents in California, the witnesses could provide detailed statements, and the bystanders may describe the movements of the vehicles, the speed of each automobile and the actions of the drivers. Once the lawyer contacts the witnesses, the bystanders could provide additional information, answer multiple questions and describe the cause of the accident.

Requesting a Free Consultation

The injured motorist can contact our law firm, evaluate our services, examine multiple updates and receive a free consultation. If the driver would like to learn additional information about our services, the motorist should call 323-999-3500. Once the person contacts our lawyers, we’ll be able to describe the legal process, review the car accident lawsuit and examine the needs of the client.